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Re: Legend Conept: War

by LightlyDrippedTT

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Legend Conept: War

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Thanks for GameAnax for the Drawing <3





Name: Asger Hakon


Alias: War


Age: 56


BackStory:  Asger was a part of a village called Jorvik as the village went to war with the Cortvates

as they were angry to find out Asger village would slave and sale them for other communitys at their time

As the war come to an end Asger was the last survivor of the war And thats when he gain the name of war

after buring hes family and closest friends he leaves the village to burn to ashes 

War joins the battlefield looking for hes revange at the cortvates for killing hes family and friends


Passive: War got a spear which can be thrown at players for 23 damage

and 40 at headshot(War would have to pick the spear from the ground after used) war sense's will automatcly mark doors or ballons that has been

used from the last 20 secconds


Tactical: War draw's a bow which damage players for 20 and 35 at head shots

the bow have 8 arrows cooldown last for 35 seconds


Ultimate: War Summons a dragon(Yong) which sopot and attack enemy's 

the dammage is will progress through the match depends on the players amout of kills

1kill =10 2-3=15 5-10=30 10+=50(Dmg)

Yong will spit fire with doing the damge every 1.5 seconds

and last for 23 secconds which equlaize the ultimate not making it too OP

all emey's spoted by the dragon will be automatcly marked for all the team players 


Activation Dub: "Yong come to me"

"End their time"

"get them orm"

(orm stands for dragon)

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Re: Legend Conept: War

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<3 thanks for supporting my ideas 

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Re: Legend Conept: War

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Pop up

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Re: Legend Conept: War

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I made this for this legend


  Image result for apocalyptic survivor drawing

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Re: Legend Conept: War

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Omg thank you for the Draw it looks amaizing <3
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Re: Legend Conept: War

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pop up

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