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Legend Concept: Wu Chang

by CZONG1103

Original Post

Legend Concept: Wu Chang

★ Apprentice

All right, time to do this! Lets get into this Legend concept


"This is interesting...they think they can defeat us"

"We can do this brother...we can slay them"


Wu Chang

The Conjoined 

Wu Chang.png


Real names: Wu Reng and Chang Yu

Ages: 37

Homeworld: Unknown

Alias: Wu Chang

Class: Support and Assault


"Who...who are you?"

"We are your death."

~Door slams shut~

"Don't...don't kill me, I beg you."

"We can't, we were made for this."


"Don't fret, your end will be quick."

"Please...don't kill~"

~Slashing sound~


Passive: White Dove, In his Pure form, Wu Chang moves 25% faster than most legends and is 25% more resistant to crowd control effects. He is able to share this blessing with others as any ally in a 5 metre radius of him has 10% increased movement speed and has 10% resistance to crowd control effects.

Black Death, In his Corrupt form, Wu Chang reduces the movement speed of enemies in a 5 metre radius of him by 25%


Tactical: Dual forms, Wu Chang is able to switch between his Pure and Corrupt forms every 12s. Switching to his Pure form, will heal all allies in a 5 metre radius by 25hp. Switching to his Corrupt form however, will steal 25 shield from any enemy that is in a 5 metre radius of him and distribute it equally among himself and his teammates.


Ultimate: Double Trouble, Wu Chang embraces his 2 forms gaining the effects of both of his passives. His tactical becomes siphon that siphons shield away from any enemy in his field of vision for 5s, siphoning 10 shield every second and distributes equally among him and his allies.


Conclusion: This has been a fun character to make and I hope everyone understands where I'm coming from. To end this off, I hope that everyone likes this concept but if you don't feel free to critic on ways to make him better. Last but not least, Feedback is encouraged!

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Re: Legend Concept: Wu Chang

[ Edited ]
★★ Apprentice

Absolutely love this Legend, kudos to you. However, I do have some feedback. I don’t think his pure form should be able to bless his team mates with his passive. And I think maybe the corrupt form should have a larger radius, as I don’t think it would be very effective.

Also when you switch to the pure form I think only you should gain the health.

And when he changes to his corrupt form, I think maybe it should take off health off the enemy instead of shield (you can’t guarantee enemies will have shields), but you don’t gain the health.

As for the ultimate I think he should siphon the enemies shield/health when he shoots them (maybe with a white energy ball that has blackness coming out of it or vice versa). 
However, while he is in his ultimate mode, if he uses his tactical - changes to corrupt, he should siphon enemies health.
If he changes to pure, all team mates gain health.

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Re: Legend Concept: Wu Chang

★ Apprentice
I love the concept. It just seems way overpowered.
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Re: Legend Concept: Wu Chang

★ Apprentice
I know I can’t guarantee that enemies have shield but that balances out the power of the pure form change. This means that the tactical effect won’t work 100% of the time. Most of the nerfs you said are followed by buffs so buff-nerf = no changes. One more thing, you can’t switch forms while using your ultimate as you are using both forms at the same time.
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Re: Legend Concept: Wu Chang

★ Apprentice
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