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Re: Legend Concept: Wright by IDFK

by EA_Blueberry

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Legend Concept: Wright by IDFK

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Here's another legend concept from our team that we've (tentatively) named the Interstellar Designer Freelance Krew or IDFK. This time we've decided to add to the concept of a Mobility Support similar to Pathfinder. As a character however I would say Wright is one of my favorites among all our concepts. Aerial based characters are quite common in games (Pharah, Soldier, Zephyr) but for Wright, I wanted to give her a background and a reason for being so. Her reason especially, of having a successful future business as well as being a sponsor service provider for "establishments" like the apex games, has been the most fun I could write about in a while.


Fun fact: Before Octane was announced, Wright's ultimate was supposed to be "Launch Pad". It worked similarly but it had a charge time, longer range, and 3 charges.


Callsign: Wright

Name: Amelia Wiville

Nationality: English (UK)

Affiliation: Apex Predators (Indirect)

Class: Support (Spec: Mobility and Vantage point control)


Record:  Aspiring entrepreneur Amelia Wiville, is the daughter of the formerly world renown genius innovator Dr. Thomas Wiville of the IMC, more specifically, Hammond Aerospace. At some point, Thomas unfortunately had a falling out with Mister Hammond himself which led to him being discredited, fired, and expunged from the company files. This sent both Wright and her father's lives spiraling into poverty and depravity for years until Wright, at only 11 years old, decided to take action. She used tricks and skills she picked up from her time in the slums, as well as knowledge she learned after yet more years of her father's teaching and spying on his former colleagues, until she could be recognized as one of, if not the most successful innovative businessmen in the world (and possibly several others). However business was still slow and her father's health was failing. She needed to grow, to be known, to… advertise. So when she found the publicly beloved Apex Games, she packed her gear, sent her father to a decent-enough hospital, and made her way to King’s Canyon. All while she had only one thought in her head, as it’s always been there.


Just one thought, as she smiled like she always did, she whispered; "Yet another opportunity."


Passive: B7-R Jump Pack- Press space while in the air to activate. Provides Wright with more altitude. Can be used when dropping.

Meter: 20%/s


[I made the passive, as with all her abilities something equally effective in a battlefield as it would be for practical use by the public. This is to support Wright's intentions of making her business thrive by boldly advertising her products through the help of the Apex games. The passive for example gives Wright added mobility as it would, say for example, an emergency rescue team.]


Active: Foresight- Turn stationary, deploy a small destroyable drone (35x35cm, 50 health) and gain aerial vision through it. The drone can ping normally. Gains digital threat if wright has either digital threat scope equipped or not.

CD: 30s


[Yet again emphasizing practical usage, Wright provides tracker class-like support to her team at the cost of being completely vulnerable. As a simple survey drone however, this is the product Wright has the most confidence in for public advertisement (despite some of her other products having more effectiveness)]


Ultimate: Balloon- Wright plants down a specialized balloon that allows users to gain more altitude in exchange for slightly less speed as to regular balloons around the arena. Cannot be deployed indoors. (Anywhere with an obstruction lower than 15m high)

CD: 180-seconds


[I intended the ultimate to emphasize her role as another mobile support like pathfinder. And so what better way than to take inspiration from pathfinder’s ult itself and make another “map-mechanic” ult. However this time I've adjusted it to provide a squad with more vantage control (as intended) rather than area shifting. Despite not being publicly practical, this still falls under her second agenda of becoming a future sponsor for the Apex games as thanks for their “patronage” by providing possibly yet another mechanic to the playing field.]


“Call now and for only 2.99, you get an arse kickin’ AND a face shamin’ free of charge!”


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Re: Legend Concept: Wright by IDFK

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