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Legend Concept - Voodoo

by JohnnyItaka94

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Legend Concept - Voodoo

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★★★★ Apprentice

Passive - No Pain no Gain


For every 1 HP missing you get 0,25 Damage reduction. Maximum stack at 100 damage with 25 % damage reduction. 


Tactical - Shield Rip:


Pick up the knocked down shield of an knocked enemy 

and use it to replenish instantly your shields

(I. E. White = 25, blue = 50, purple= 75 and red or gold = 100) 


Ultimate - Bloodpact


Summon the dark voodoo magic to link yourself to the last enemy hit. You and the enemy share the same destiny and suffer from each other received damage. The damage that the enemy gets from all sources is turned for 25% to yourself. The damage you get from all sources is turned for 25% to the the linked enemy. 


For example: you linked yourself to the last enemy hit. You and your teammates deal 100 damage to him. Voodoo takes because of the bloodpact 25 damage. The same goes for when voodoo takes 100 damage, 25 damage is taken also by the linked enemy. (it works a bit like hidan ritual in naruto) 


This seems like a loose - loose situation but with the tactical and the passive ability of this legend, you can have easily an HP advantage. 


The ultimate could possibly be linked to an ally too, to help them in sticky situations. But I don't know if it fits the character since he is more like an evil, dark legend. 


I have also an alternative ultimate


Ultimate - Voodoo Doll


Let your last enemy hit become your Voodoo Doll and link yourself to it. The damage you then take is applied to the doll, while the damage the doll takes is applied to you. Damage cap of 100.


For the background maybe some kind of tribal native of some swamp areas who wanted to help the world with ancient light voodoo magic but was honed and humiliated, because voodoo wasn't a scientific field and was marked as ancient, obsolete and evil. This causes a shift in the legends character and started to make him hate modern science and technology. When Hammond destroyed or cleaned the swamp areas where the legend lived, because it was dirty and was polluting the areas nearby, the legend becomes evil and starts to join the apex games to claim the swamps for himself and raise awareness about it. 


He despises caustic, horizon and wattson, because they're scientists.


Let me know what you think and feel free to submit some ideas or changes Standard smile 

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