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Legend Concept: Stomper (the undead rider)

by LightlyDrippedTT

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Legend Concept: Stomper (the undead rider)

★★ Apprentice



Name: Mitch Adam Lucker


Age: 28


Ground story:

Mitch was a lead singer of a band called suicide silence

suicide silence rapidly grow and the band become well known at the deathcore genre

at the night of halloween 2012 the lead singer of the band (Mitch lucker) crashed with hes motorcycle

and suffered severe injuries after hours of medical treat mitch was dead at the morning of the 1st to november

many of hes fans came to pay their respect to mitch on hes grave stone got written

"to the heart that beats with my blood: i am your shield" "legends never die"

Mitch posted a picture that night saying "the dead are living..."



Back story:

After hes death mitch find himself at the ring of apex as an undead rider

hes mind got rotten and forgot everything that happend to him

with hes might he is striving to win the ring and in hope that he would find clues 

for what happened to him and how to regain hes memories



Passive: the first 2 bullets that hits the stomper would not count (he is undead)



Tactical: Mitch gives 3 stomp of medium range  which deals 50 hp per one and shake the enemys screen

can be used every 40 secconds


Ultimate: Mitch summons hes motorcycle for 20 secconds 

the motorcycle can carry 3 players at max inclouding driver(full team baiscly)


Line: Attacker


Mitch was more than just a singer to us he was someone that will get you out of your mind in rough

i mean well he was just an amaizing person to us 



'i mean reality sucks. the world is a cancer, and * so bad it's scary. everything's is filthy. but you know what?

one day, its not going to be here. so be glad you know what life is. your alive. live"




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