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Legend Concept (Rock)

by MeMkAll

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Legend Concept (Rock)

★★★★ Novice

Rock is kinda guy that like to climb so here you know he will climb mountaints or anything.

Passive : He Can Climb anywhere and can stay stable on the wall like 10-20 seconds + He Climb %20 faster

Variation 1 :

Q Tactical Ability : This ability works 3 different situation :
Normal : Jumps higher
On The Wall - Pressing once : Rock sticks his feet on the wall so he can use guns while staying stable on wall + increases wall staying time

On The Wall - Charging : Rock charges his feet and jumps long distance from wall


Variation 2 :

Q Tactical Ability : Rock's Shoes goes sticky and he can run on wall and even can use guns for a while.



Ultimate(Camouflage) : Rock Drops a TENT and he can enter inside. That tent looks like ROCK from outside and it doesnt let healing sounds go outside.

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Re: Legend Concept (Rock)

★★★ Apprentice
Cool concept! Love the idea of sticking on walls
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