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Legend Concept - Relic

by simply_d

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Legend Concept - Relic

★★★★ Novice
Gunslinger - Robert Sammelin
(Art by Robert Sammelin)
Relic  — Treasure Hunter (Recon)
Real Name: Hawk Jones
Age: 50
Lore:  Hawk Jones has spent the majority of her life chasing down lost artifacts, for fun and profit.  She’s no stranger to the seedier side of the world, fully willing to get her hands dirty in her pursuits.  Though firefights are not her forte, her years of experience, preparedness, and sheer luck serve her well.  She hasn’t revealed her reasons for entering the Apex arena, but knowing her exploits, she must be looking for something.  Something big.
Intro Quip: “Glory and fortune, kid.  Glory and fortune.”
Kill Quip: “You chose... poorly.”
Tactical Ability - Rummage:  
You’ll never be low on resources if you know where to look.  Always be prepared.  (Spawns shield cells, syringes, stacks of ammo... or sometimes more.)
Passive Ability - Stroke of Luck:  
Sometimes all you need is the right tool at the right time.  (Increases the odds of finding higher rarity loot when opening crates.)
Ultimate Ability - Treasure Map:  
There’s nothing finer than recovering a priceless artifact.  Even if someone else got to it first.  (Briefly reveals the location of all Legendary gear on Relic’s map, whether it’s carried or in crates, as well as pinging their locations in the surrounding area for her squad.)
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Re: Legend Concept - Relic

★★★ Apprentice
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Re: Legend Concept - Relic

★★★★ Novice

I think her ultimate should be lvl 3 and above instead of straight up legendary 

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Re: Legend Concept - Relic

★★★★ Novice
I had thought that level 3 and above might give too many pings. I did consider having it also ping Loot Ticks.
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