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Legend Concept: Prospector

by CZONG1103

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Legend Concept: Prospector

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★★ Guide

I'm back for a new legend concept! I'm solving a problem I face while playing Apex itself and I hope you guess what it is!

"I'm not good with decisions but I do want to see if you get repelled or attracted to your demise"

"Oh I see what's going got repelled too far away from survival"


Hyper Looter


(best image I can find)


Real name: Elton Macmillan

Age: 28

Codename: Prospector

Homeworld: Leviathan(I think)






SUBJECT: Robbery



CULPRIT: Unknown

ACTIONS TAKEN: Further investigations are needed


OVERVIEW: On Tuesday night, an unknown robber broke into our facility, surveillance cameras were disarmed and $50 000 was found missing the next morning. A magnet was found and the robber probably used it to steal the money.


Passive: Collection point, any ammo useful to him in a 3 metre radius will be sucked towards him. This is particularly useful for late game where you can just run through a building without needing to pick up any ammo. Note: Only ammo can be attracted and consumables such as syringes will not be attracted.


Prospector wants to get as much ammo as possible, the thing is, he is too lazy to do it himself


Tactical: Magnetic Grasp, upon activation, he will clench his palm into a fist and all items within a 5-metre cone will be sucked to his location. Cooldown: 15s Note: He will need a while to pull out his weapon similar to wraith after coming out of phase. Enemies in this cone will also get sucked to his location. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Items in death boxes or supply bins or care packages will be sucked out of their containers.

Prospector likes it when the loots comes to him


Ultimate: Total Chaos, upon activation, he will pull out three magnets. pressing your tactical will instead switch the poles of the magnet by flipping the magnet upside down. This will show either red for North and blue for South. You can throw the magnet and it will stick to the first surface it touches(including players). The magnet's AoE is 5-metres. After that the magnet's interactions will be as followed:

North south attract

North North/ South South repel(up to 5 metres)

Cooldown: 200s

Magnets last for 15s

Prospector likes seeing the enemy struggling to re-position themselves



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Re: Legend Concept: Prospector

★★ Guide
Just a quick note:
When enemies are attracted to each other, they will be forced to look at each other.
Making it more annoying and difficult to coordinate themselves.
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