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Legend Concept: ParsTone

by watdasheet123

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Legend Concept: ParsTone

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Real name: Christoff Harrison


Lore: After going MIA for two years he is seen somewhere at an abandoned base building and creating miniature titan class abilities, everyone thought he was crazy before he went missing because they couldn't believe that he would pull it off that infantries can use small titan abilities. After perfecting it during the time he went MIA he attends the apex legends battle arena to prove his inventions are working as intended.


"Real tests are done in real battles"


Passive: Cluster Vest


Take less damage from explosions by half.


Tactical: Particle Shield (25 seconds)


Deploy a force field that blocks incoming fire on one side in a 80 degrees angle. Two charges, only four can be active at a time.


Ultimate: Sonar Lock Grenade (3:00 min)


Throw a grenade that pings nearby enemy location every second for 10 seconds in a 15 meter radius. 


"It's okay, nobody believed me either so nobody would believe me if I told them I just owned you"


"Ey well look at that, it did work!"





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Re: Legend Concept: ParsTone

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Good overall but I got some feedback.
1)Your passive is a bit underpowered as most Legends have like perimeter warnings system, storm prediction, and a personal shield.
2) Tactical is basically a Gibraltar tactical but worse, you didn’t state the cooldown time so I also can’t compare
3) Ultimate is okay but you may want to reduce the charge time.
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Re: Legend Concept: ParsTone

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I forgot to put you have 2 charges for his tactical
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Re: Legend Concept: ParsTone

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I have to agree with czong on this one. His tactical is like Gibraltar’s but worse, even if it has two charges, so I would like to suggest a buff. 


Perhaps enemies can’t shoot or walk through the barrier, but you can shoot and walk through the other side. Obviously, that depends on what side of the barrier you are on. The barrier would have to have health as well to counter this, so enemies can destroy it. 


Also, you should only have one use, however you can plant a total of 3 (a bit like caustic). Instead of it having a time limit for it to deactivate like Gibraltar’s, it stays indefinitely (until it is destroyed or you plant a 4th barrier, which will destroy the 1st one). Last but not least, have it as wide as bunker maybe. 



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