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Re: Legend Concept:Oshira

by CatalystTNT

Original Post

Legend Concept:Oshira

★★★ Apprentice

My third legend concept that will arrive until new ideas flow in. Make sure to leave some Feedback!


"You were meant to die at one just depends when."

"In my heart you should die here and now...but let the blade decide your fate."



                    Moonlight         Assassin



Real name: Unknown

Age: Unknown(approximately 30)

Alias: Oshira

Homeworld: Not specified


Lore: Little is known about the mysterious Raven clan. Some say that they are a group of cutthroat bounty hunters, others say a terrorist group. However their leader, only known as Oshira, is definitely not a legend. Rumours has it that Oshira was once a wealthy but cancer-stricken businessman. On the day of his death, he made a deal with the Grim Reaper himself to kill in exchange for his life. Thus, he founded the Raven clan to assist him in finding targets. Then came the Apex Games, a blood sport that has a steady flow of would-be winners. Among them joined Oshira, this is where he continued his killing spree. Though he was defeated again and again, the Reaper prevented him from breathing is last. Ensuring he will be back the next round. Among the ashes the name Oshira would strike fear in the hearts of the competitors, a being not here to win, but to kill, again...and again…and again.


Passive: Midnight Agility, Oshira can wall-run instead of climbing up walls, enabling him to climb 50%faster and 25% further. If the jump button is released, he will hang on the wall. Pressing the jump button while hanging will propel him backwards against the wall. He is also able to hang and move on ceilings. This ability gives a huge stealth advantage as you can hang on the ceilings of a buildings and pounce on unfortunate players who did not happen to see you.


Tactical: Eclipse Star, Oshira jumps backwards and meanwhile throws a modified arc star that reduces the vision of the player hit to 2 meters in all directions. This is a great ability for making a quick escape of repositioning when your enemies cannot see you, it gives you the element of surprise that will quickly turn the tables in any fight.


Ultimate: Agent of Death, Oshira heightens his senses and is unable to hear any sound except a soft hum. However, he can see soundwaves coming the place of origin and enemies are highlighted in red. His vision turns black and white and his movement speed increases. In contrast, guns fired within 2 meters will cause his screen to swirl.


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Re: Legend Concept:Oshira

★★★★ Novice

His ultimate is kind of pretty much bloodhound's ult but kind of worse...having to focus on sound will pretty much tunnel vision the player and get * easily from flanks.

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Re: Legend Concept:Oshira

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★★★★ Novice

Interesting Legend,i like the concept behind it,he's kinda like the Genji of the Apex Universe.

Here's my thoughts on OSHIRA.



Oshira's backstory would be perfect in another setting like Sekiro or Dark Souls since you would be able to set the tone for world building but in the high tech world of Apex it doesn't quite fit. If we take your angle of a sickly,corrupt businessman who relplaced his body with cybernetics,nanotech or some other form of robotics to survive,SURE but a supernatural,immortal assassin with an insatiable bloodlust,in my opinion,is pushing it too far.



His passive sounds like it should be switched for his ULTIMATE instead. As it is now,he would have an incredible advantage against the entire cast in terms of mobility and speed. You also didn't mention how long he can hang on to walls and ceilings so i'll have to assume its infinite,which is of course...insane. 



I like this one but once again,you didn't add a cooldown to give us an idea of how fast he can pressure an enemy or give himself a chance to escape since they literally can't see him once he's out of range. A really quick refresh would push this into OP territory since he'll be able to enage any firefight with this and leave his target at a serious disadvantage.

I suggest this TACTICAL should aslo do minmal damage like Bangalore's Smoke Grenade.



This one is the most disappointing ability in his Kit. It's basically Bloodhound's ULTIMATE with unecessary penalities attached. I see where you were going with it,if an enemy gets within range they'll mess up his senses but my question is whyyyyyyy? My suggestion would be to make his current PASSIVE into his ULTIMATE so he'll be this god like,high mobility annoyance with a 30 second Time Limit.


That's all i got so far,keep em coming!!



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Re: Legend Concept:Oshira

★★★ Apprentice
Let me clarify a bit here. His intended play style is very different from Bloodhound’s. His ultimate is more for sniping enemies instead of rushing them. That is why there is negative visual effects when you get too close. Extra:The sound waves can be seen in all directions and footsteps, reloading of the gun, equipping a gun will cause major sound waves that will appear as a red icon if not in your field of vision. Aiming down sights, activating of Gibraltar’s shield will appear as a yellow icon. Usage of zip line and usage of survey beacon will appear as a green icon.
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