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Legend Concept: Noir

by watdasheet123

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Legend Concept: Noir

★★★★ Novice

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Real Name: Cage Downer

Code name: Noir


Lore: What happens when something bad occurs in my turf? I'll tell ya, I will hunt you for ruining my business. I'm a busy man you see? Lots of contracts, clients and maybe some family stuff. Find one ant, and you'll find the rest of the colony that's how I'll find you and your mates so you better not mess with me. I will tell ya one hint when I do know where you are: Run.


Passive: Interrogation

Finishing an enemy will ping once the location of the rest of the enemies.


Tactical: Chase scene (25 seconds)

Your actions are faster by 30% (reloading, healing and ADS) and acrobatics and melee is increased by 50%, lasts for 6 seconds


Ultimate: Clean up (4 minute charge up)

Throw a soft ball and when it explodes creates a circular 8 meter area cloaking effect. Anyone inside the area is cloaked by 90% the area lasts for 15 seconds.



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Re: Legend Concept: Noir

★★ Apprentice

Damn you stole the name of one of my Legends, tbh I never had any abilities planned for him. 


Love his passive ability. Tactical goes well with the theme. Not to sure on the ultimate though as I feel it doesn’t go with the theme. 

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Re: Legend Concept: Noir

★ Apprentice
Hate to say this but your first concept also stole the name of one I was working on then. No hard feelings and I like the lore!
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Re: Legend Concept: Noir

★★★★ Novice
Kind of hurts when everyone says "stole" on my concepts Frown

it's k tho...
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Re: Legend Concept: Noir

★★ Apprentice
Technically you didn’t steal the name, because I haven’t used it yet. I just planned on using it for a Legend but you beat me to it. No hard feelings on my part, hope you didn’t take offence.
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