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Legend Concept: Lupa [Updated]

by xX_Wolf13_Xx

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Legend Concept: Lupa [Updated]

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Made a few edits to her story and abilities. Let me know what you guys think Standard smile


Name: Lupa (Tracker)


Real name: Jenna Huntsman


Background: Lupa its the result of an experiment to give humans animal abilities gone wrong. She became half-wolf in the process. Feeling like a freak, she decided to join the games to earn enough money for procedures to fix herself. During her first games, she was eliminated right off the bat by Bloodhound. However, he had compassion for what she had been through, and mentored her on tracking and fighting. After months of training, Lupa grew into a great fighter with a bubbly, fun loving personality. She now participates not for the money, but for the thrill of the hunt and the friendships she makes in the ring.


Passive Ability (All Fours): She moves faster (+33%) when sprinting when weapons are holstered, but it takes a little longer (1 second) to draw your weapon or stop sprinting. She is also lower to the ground while on all-fours. 


Active Ability (Sent Tracking): Howls loudly, And marks all enemies in view. Marked enemies are threat highlighted and leave footprints for 5 seconds. (Footprints last for 15 seconds) Does not point out traps or loot. Enemies can hear the howl. 35 Second recharge.


Ultimate Ability (Primal Instinct): For 30 seconds, enemies shot or hit by melee are marked with threat vision for a few seconds, melee attacks do increased damage (+15 damage) and are faster (+33%), and gets a small amount of damage resistance (10%). Threat vision on enemies hit lasts the length of the ability. Long recharge time.


Other Info: Her hitbox is slightly smaller than most legends. 

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Re: Legend Concept: Lupa [Updated]

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Seems like the AEBR(Animal Experimentation and Biological Research) Programme to me. Made that up myself. Anyway I like it very much
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Re: Legend Concept: Lupa [Updated]

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Thanks. Thats a pretty great acronym too
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