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Legend Concept: Lighty

by LightlyDrippedTT

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Legend Concept: Lighty

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Thanks for GameAnax for the drawing




Name: Barak frige (Barak prenounced same as barack)

(barak strands for lightning at hebrew and frige is medicane or medicly complete)


Alias: Lighty


Age 28


BackStory: Barak is a successful heavy metal lead vocalist after achieving hes dream and become a Metal legend 

Lighty decide to abandon hes time line and go back in time in a time machine(relevant to hes time line) to save he's hero from he's death

and give some better guidance for hes self and give him after he finished he's busines at the past Lighty decides to get back

to hes time line he search he's bag and found out he forgot the retrieve device to get back home... (its okay he forgets alot)

with no identity he's now stock in the old time line looking for a way back to he's home lost in the battlefield


Passive: When he's health and armor are incomplete Lighty

can see |syringe, armor cell(under 80%)| , |armor battery, medkits(under 50%)| and Phoenix(under 20%) kits through walls

each one for him self armor differently that means if hes armor is under 80% it will show only armor cells

if only hes under 50% it will show syringe and medkits if hes health and armor are under the mentioned %

it will show both armor refill items and health refill items


Tactical: Lighty summons 3 Lightning strikes to come from the sky and damages he's ememy's for 30 health

Cooldown time 25 seconds


Ultimate: Lighty ultimate summons a "Circle pit"(a cyrcle of characters) locking hes enemy's inside

if the enemy's try to run the "characters" pushes him inside 

last up to 20 seconds


if there is a Wraith on the team Lighty ultimates changes 

With wraith powers Lighty can call hes Band over to give a 20 seconds

show and summon a "wall of death" 30 characters 15 from each side 

are running at each other crashing everything in their way dealing 50 damage per second

there for called wall of death 

the "characters" will run towards the Pointed mark the player choose when activated

the 2 walls will go From the right side and the left side of the Screen


--Note Wraith has to be close to Lighty for this to execute properly



Video's for mush pit and wall of death


Circle Pit: Skip to the 30th second


Wall of Death: Skip to the 12th second


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Re: Legend Concept: Lighty

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<3 thanks for supporting my ideas 

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Re: Legend Concept: Lighty

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Pop up

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Re: Legend Concept: Lighty

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This is how I picture Lighty



Related image

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Re: Legend Concept: Lighty

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Same as the war one it looks Great Thank you again <3333

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Re: Legend Concept: Lighty

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pop up 

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