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Legend Concept: Librarian

by watdasheet123

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Legend Concept: Librarian

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★★★★ Novice

Image result for soldier with gas mask art


"Take a deep breath, Because when I'm here you don't wanna make sound..."


Real Name: Richard N/A

Origin: N/A


Lore: No one has seen his face, no one has ever heard his real voice, and no one... has ever seen him fail to hear you. 

Kill count 15230 victims all involved in the war and no one has seem to even understand what his full potential is...


Passive: Audio Radar


Get an accurate location notification when gun shots are being fired 25 meters of Librarian  (Similar to Mirage Decoy ability)

Automatically activates and cool down 10 seconds.


Tactical: Cannon Ball (35 second cool down)


For 1.5 seconds turn into sound waves and travel 2.5x running speed. Your screen turns black and white but you can still see everything but blurry. While active a ping noise will be heard and avoid all damage.


Ultimate: Dead Air (3 minute charge up)


Throw a box that expands and encloses in a 15m x 15m Area. All actions inside the area will have sound reduced by 90% if Librarian activates his tactical the ping noise is now completely omitted.


"Be quiet, the pros are busy"


"I've heard everything you've got to offer, to be frank I'm disappointed in the value"


"A waste of time trying to argue so let's just fight"


"This was never your fight, spectators just need to be quiet"


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Re: Legend Concept: Librarian

★★★★★ Apprentice

Love the passive, i was actually going to use something similar but couldn’t think of a tactical or ultimate. 


I was struggling to work out what his ultimate would be useful for, but it came to me. If you want to take out a team without being 3rd partied or giving away your location. Or to block out your foot steps if you want to sneak up on enemies. 


His tactical though is pretty similar to wraiths but with a speed boost. Since you are going with a silence theme, what about your shots are silenced until your mag runs dry, you reload, or switch weapons. 



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Re: Legend Concept: Librarian

★★★★ Novice
If you have seen Nice from hamatora use his ability then you will know exactly what I was going tactical @PJBurrows1991
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Re: Legend Concept: Librarian

★★★★★ Apprentice

I have not seen Nice. I’m sure it would work well, I just don’t agree with Legends having similar abilities but more powerful than other Legends. Nevertheless, still a solid Legend. 

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Re: Legend Concept: Librarian

★★★★ Novice
Nah I intend his tactical to be more of a flanking ability, wraith’s tactical is for going out of situations but his will be for going for the kill. Thats why i let him able to see but a bit blurry
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Re: Legend Concept: Librarian

★★★ Apprentice
Just a quick question
Why the name Librarian?
I got sound based in the works right now and by the looks of it, your Legend is a hard counter to him!
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Re: Legend Concept: Librarian

★★★★ Novice
Because it’s the only thing I could come up with when it comes to sound and deafening it. Also I sent you an message with the name “Shirokansen” forgot to send it with this account haha
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Re: Legend Concept: Librarian

★★★ Apprentice
If you want Mute is a nice name
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