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Legend Concept: Leatherback

by CZONG1103

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Legend Concept: Leatherback

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Hello there!^^ It's been a while since I posted a legend concept and I figured why don't I share one I thought of during this time? Enjoy!

"Barricade secured, they won't be entering any time soon."
"Heh heh, whole squad down, time to shell-ebrate our victory"

Srap Engineer


(btw internet I love you)


Real Name: Arbi Oculus
Codename: Leatherback
Age: 27

Homeworld: [REDACTED]
Legend Type: Defense


Lore: Introducing your new Apex Games All Star...Me! That's right! Move aside Ms Paquette and Dr Nox, Arbi is in the house! With me around, you'd never have to worry over enemies busting into your building. Moreover, with my fancy upgrade module, your abilities can surpass the next level!


Passive: Recycler + Fortified
Unneeded items such as Ammo, Stocks, Scopes etc can be recycled into Ult and Tactical charge. Recycle time: 3s
Ammo(One stack):10% Ult charge
Lvl1 items: -10s Tactical charge
Lvl2 Items: +1 full tact charge 
Lvl3 Items: +50% Ult Charge
Lvl4 Items: (Are You Sure?!) +1 Full Ult Charge


Tactical: Blast-icades
Place down a barricade on doorways or windows, blocking them until removed or broken down.
-Nades and other
ordinances bounce off
-Doors with barricades require 3 kicks instead of 2 to breakdown(2 kicks for doors, 1 kick for barricade)
-1 ordinance to break down a barricade(2 if behind a door)
-Barricades take 1s to deploy(you are totally vulnerable while deploying)
Cooldown: 20s per barricade (Can carry 3 barricades at once)

-Place your barricades in chokepoints to prevent the enemy's escape through alternate routes
-Keep at least one doorway open for quick escape
-Always remember to lock down windows in case of caustic ult

-Barricade in the middle of a firefight, the 1s of vulnerability would be your downfall
-Barricade when you know that you are about to push and enemy, it would just be wasted barricades you could use if the fight does not go to plan

Ultimate: S.H.E.L.L Module
Attach a teammate with the S.H.E.L.L module, granting them 100% extra shields and a 25% reduced consumable use time. However, this makes them 25% slower. Cooldown: 250s (You cannot apply the ability on yourself)

-Give the S.H.E.L.L module to a teammate like Octane or Wraith as their abilities counteract the negative effects of your Ultimate
-Give the S.H.E.L.L module to a teammate if you are caught in a building, the slowness won't be as detrimental as when you are caught out in the open

-Use the S.H.E.L.L module if you're facing a Caustic, the slowness of the gas+the slowness of the ultimate would make your teammate a sitting duck

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Re: Legend Concept: Leatherback

★★★★ Guide

I already am into the idea of placing items into the game-world as it is with the "Barrier" ability, and I really like how they could only be used by "mounting" them on doorways/windows, no? 

And the S.H.E.L.L. stands for...? But I like it! It would still leave enemies vulnerable with less movement speed but still stronger with more shields.

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Re: Legend Concept: Leatherback

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@CZONG1103 I love this.
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