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Legend Concept: Iota

by watdasheet123

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Legend Concept: Iota

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Image result for warframe excalibur art


Lore: The ninth in line for the brand new elite military faction The Philosophers, Although ninth in line she is in charge of defending multiple targets, buildings, and objectives and has been continually been active after the Frontier war has ended when the aftermath of the war required much labor. 


Passive: Frontline Defence

You can equip a second shield armor, but it cannot be the same or greater level than your primary shield.


Tactical: Hands-on (35 seconds)

Create a small shield in front of you the size of a knockdown shield, absorb incoming damage  for 4 seconds and 10% of it recharges your shields


Ultimate: Reinforcement (4:30 minutes)

Rapidly heal shields up to full health including teammates for 6 seconds.

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Re: Legend Concept: Iota


Nice concept but I think this legend would be far too powerful for the current game, just the passive alone makes this legend better than at least half the other legends.


Would need some serious balancing for it to be viable.

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Re: Legend Concept: Iota

Community Manager

Cool image, from Warframe for anyone who doesn't know it. 

That Ult is very powerful, perhaps it could drop a shield charge zone rather than buffing your whole team up. It'd still be powerful, but would obviously have its own risks. 

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