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Re: Legend Concept: Homerun

by PJBurrows1991

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Legend Concept: Homerun

★★★★ Guide

Homerun use to work with his father designing and building new tech for Legends to use in the Arena. This wasn’t his dream though. His dream was to be a world famous baseball (or equivalent) player, but his father would not allow him to follow his dreams. After his fathers death he was too old to become a baseball player so he decided to join the Apex games with his baseball inspired tech. 


Class: Offence


Passive: Grenades, thermite and arc stars can all be thrown further (using his bat to hit them further distances). 


Tactical: Catch and diffuse enemy grenades, thermite and arc stars with your baseball glove/mitt for 8 seconds. While you have a diffused grenade in your glove/mitt, press square to place it in your inventory or triangle to drop it. While you have a grenade in your glove/mitt, you can not catch another. 


The glove/mitt is magnetic so if you see a warning for a grenade, it can be attracted to your glove/mitt. 


Ultimate: Pull out a grenade launcher that shoots baseball grenades. Holds 8 and each grenade does 25 damage in a 5 metre diameter. Lasts 30 seconds or until you run out of ammo. 

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Re: Legend Concept: Homerun

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★ Guide

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Re: Legend Concept: Homerun

★★★★ Guide

Perfect mate. Just needs a grenade launcher on his back 

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Re: Legend Concept: Homerun

★★ Guide
Like the way you centred him around grenades
What are the odds of you using your passive and tactical when in a thick firefight with the enemy(maybe a long range battle?)
Do you have time to pull out your ultimate when fighting?

(Pardon me for my slightly harsh criticism, sorry)
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Re: Legend Concept: Homerun

★★★★ Guide

That’s fine mate and it never came across as harsh, I give other players constructive criticism too. 

But yes this character is for longer range battles. Everyone has different play styles, some players aren’t very good, so some players may just want to stay back and throw grenades in. 

And the grenade launcher is also used for long range but also to flush enemies out of buildings etc. 



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