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Legend Concept: Heartbeat

by PJBurrows1991

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Legend Concept: Heartbeat

★★★★ Apprentice

Class: Support


Passive: Fortitude - Your knock down shield now covers your entire body. 


Tactical: Adrenaline Rush - Shoot a syringe (max distance 20 metres) at your downed team mate (syringe must hit your target). Your team mate is revived with 10 health. If your team mate is not downed, it gives them an adrenaline rush for 5 seconds, they run 25% faster, and take 10% less damage. 


Ultimate: When you are down, use your ultimate to instantly revive yourself with 10 health. This ultimate could be pretty OP as it gets you back into the fight quicker, however it is countered by the fact, enemies will try to finish you ASAP. 

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Re: Legend Concept: Heartbeat

★ Apprentice
I like it. Sounds pretty well-balanced to me. His ultimate should be able to do something when he is not downed though. Maybe you could make his Tactical his ultimate but strengthen it a little. That's just my suggestion. The concept is really good as it is.
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Re: Legend Concept: Heartbeat

★★★★ Apprentice

Thank you. I don’t think his ultimate needs to do something when he is not down, especially if I change it to his tactical. That’s kind of saying “lifelines healing drone should be able to do something if you are all fully healed”. 


The reason I have chosen the tact as the tact is because it’s not a guaranteed success as you need to hit your target. 


And his ultimate is guaranteed to revive you (unless they finish you), so I think it is more powerful. 


But thank you for your kind feedback. 

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Re: Legend Concept: Heartbeat

★ Apprentice
no problem Standard smile
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