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Legend Concept - Galvan

by simply_d

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Legend Concept - Galvan

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Galvan — Static Sentinel (Defender)


Real Name: Nicolas Tilby
Age: 36
Intro Quip: “Time for some shock and awe.”
Kill Quip: “Ride the lightning!”
Tactical Ability - Overcharge:  Partially restores the shields of Galvan and nearby allies.  This can boost shields past max, with any excess slowly deteriorating over time.
 Passive Ability - Semiconductor: Enemies touching Galvan become briefly stunned.  Requires a moment to recharge, unless Galvan is hit with an energy weapon.
 Ultimate Ability - Shock Field: Galvan produces a field of electricity around him.  Enemies within the field are slowed and have their shields slowly drained while the shields of Galvan and his allies regenerate.
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Re: Legend Concept - Galvan

★★★★ Novice

Good job there D! He looks like my kind of Legend!!

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