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Legend Concept: Galactic

by PJBurrows1991

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Legend Concept: Galactic

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Ok, so this is a slightly crazy Legend concept which will take more work than actually just creating the Legend it’s self. 


  • This Legend can open portals to a new world. There is many different type of worlds: Ice world. Sand world. Zero gravity world. High gravity world. Rain storm (with thunder) world. A world getting struck by meteors. These are just a few quick examples I have thought of.


  • To open a portal to a world, this new Legend must activate a device, similar to the survey beacon. Once activated, a portal is formed which anyone can use.


  • These new worlds have buildings and loot.


  • Please note, these worlds are only small, about the same size as Thunderdome, if not smaller. Only one world is active per game.


  • This world has its own storm which gets smaller as the main storm gets smaller. This storm fully closes before the final circle. This is to stop players from camping in this world. 

Passive: Activate portal beacons to new world.


Tactical: This tactical can only be used if you have opened a portal. Create your own portal to the current world. This is handy to heal or regroup. 


Ultimate: Throw a portal grenade that has the same effect as the current world, in a 30m radius for 15 seconds. Effects all players. 


Ice world - place ice on the ground. Slide across the ground faster. 


Sand world - create a sand storm that gives less visibility. 


Zero gravity world - players can jump higher and further. 


High gravity world - players have slow and can’t jump. 


Rain storm world - torrential rain that gives less visibility and a thunderstorm that does low damage if hit. 


Meteor storm world - create a meteor storm that does medium damage (similar to Gibraltar’s ultimate). 


As each world will be random per match I think the ultimate is well balanced. One match you might have the Meteor storm, the next match you might have the ice world. 


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