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Legend Concept - GALAHAD (Tick Specialist)

by Cabowse

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Legend Concept - GALAHAD (Tick Specialist)

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Art by Simon Acty, Galahad would have a similar steampunk esc vibe!




Galahad is a very British and very sensible chap! He is a gadgeteer and a specialist in tick design and programming. 



Passive: Tick Radar - Galahad can see the positioning of ticks on his mini-map and what type they are.


Tactical: Sonar Tick - Galahad can attach Sonar ticks to walls and ceilings. Each tick sends a sonar pulse out every 4 seconds revealing enemies & traps in a small vicinity, these last until destroyed or the maximum number have been deployed. Max 2. Cooldown 35 seconds.


Ultimate: Tick Tock - Galahad deploys a re-programmed loot tick. These loot ticks have an arc star payload inside them and will glow blue. When deployed the Loot Tick will stay put until an enemy comes near, at which point they will jump at them and explode. However it is possible to detonate the tick quite easily from a distance, and the explosion radius is less than that of a regular arc star. Charge time 180 seconds.


Eager to hear thoughts on this legend as usual! If you could see this Legend in the game please throw some XP at ma face!


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Re: Legend Concept - Galahad (Tick Specialist)

★★★★ Apprentice
@Cabowse When I saw the art, I thought it was Chris Pratt HAHA
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Re: Legend Concept - Galahad (Tick Specialist)


Maybe I should change the ultimate to a dance-off Large smile

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Re: Legend Concept - GALAHAD (Tick Specialist)

★ Apprentice

Great character and awesome moustache. 

I think the tactical could even go up to 4 charges while staying balanced. Apex is an aggressive game (until Wattson maybe :P) and defensive vision isn't crazy powerful, so more of it isn't going to be super-unbalancing. Especially since Caustic gets pseudo-vision with his damage ticks.


I love the ult, a great way of adding extra paranoia. 

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