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Legend Concept: Chase

by PJBurrows1991

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Re: Legend Concept: Chase

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Yeah, I seen the leak. I agree it will take a while. Tbh, if they were to use one of my ideas, even in the very far future, I would be deeply honoured. I will keep submitting ideas until one is good enough. I just wish they would give us some light, if our concepts have been submitted to the dev team, or even if they have been knocked back.

Fingers crossed they use one of your ideas too, I believe you designed “Tombstone”, if memory serves me correct. That’s my favourite design that you have created (that I have seen any ways). 

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Re: Legend Concept: Chase

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sounds great. I think his ultimate should be the storm grenade though.
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Re: Legend Concept: Chase

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That was the original plan, but due to the nature of his passive I thought it would be better to have it as a tactical so his passive could be utilised more often. However I do see your point and it probably is a bit OP, which is why I gave it quite a long cool down time. 


If it was his ultimate, his tactical would have to be reworked. Any suggestions? 

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Re: Legend Concept: Chase

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maybe a storm shield. it would act like Gibraltar's gun shield but protect him from all angles, but you would glow orange so people would know when you use it. It would last either 7 seconds or until its health runs out
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Re: Legend Concept: Chase

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That could work, perhaps if he used it in the storm then it would last twice as long and have double the health. 

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Re: Legend Concept: Chase

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yeah, that's a good idea. It's base health should be kinda low though because it would make him a little too powerful if it had much health. His main strength is near the edge of the ring. If he has too much power away from that, he would get pretty overpowered
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