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Re: LEGEND CONCEPT: Pandamonium

by EA_David

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Appearance: A young girl in a panda suit, wearing a smile and hopping around lile a child.


Passive (melee mayhem): melee attacks have a 25% chance of being a 3 hit combo; melee attacks do 15% more damage 


Main (Mad Love): Panda is a very protective character. If her friends are underfire while she's near, she becomes enraged and her running speed will increase. 


Ultimate (Double Trouble): When used, she pulls out 2 alternators with unlimited ammo for 10 seconds. (cool down: 2 minutes)


                Close combat specialist  

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Re: LEGEND CONCEPT: Pandamonium

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How small are we talking here? I'm getting some slight "Oddjob from Goldeneye 64" vibes from this. Wink

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