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[Idea] Randomize Loading screens option

by KhulaRakhaHai

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[Idea] Randomize Loading screens option

★★★★ Newbie

Hi everyone, 


I had an idea or a feature request regarding loading screens that were introduced in season 2.


It would be really great if we had a randomize option which rotates the wallpapers as all of them are great and I can't choose one.


Let me know what you guys think


Thank you very much

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Randomised Loading Screens


This is just a simple ask to have an option for different loading screens on every load from the ones that you have unlocked, just to have a bit more variety in what we see. At the moment I just keep changing them manually to keep things fresh.


Perhaps also an option to check the loading screens that you want to see, so that you just get the ones you like.

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Re: [Idea] Randomize Loading screens option

Community Manager

I'd love to see that myself, too. 

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'random select' loading screen option?

★★★★★ Apprentice

Simple suggestion; an option to randomly select out of available loading screens.


Could do the same for the music too.

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