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City name Callouts

by LightlyDrippedTT

Original Post

City name Callouts

★★★★ Novice

This is a quick idea that i think they should add


Call outs for the places by the character lets say i play with LifeLine and i wanna go skull town

insted of the player saying lets go there it will say lets go skull town


-it will be 

easier to understand

-no need at checking the map

-players will learn places names faster

-better dubbing service

-better gameplay expiriance 


-a little more expencive 

-some more coding to dos

:3 <3


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Re: City name Callouts

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Thank you for the submission! 


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Re: City name Callouts

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your welcome

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Re: City name Callouts

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Love the idea, sounds great and simple as long as like you said, work with the voice actors and see if it can fit with the coding.

Having these in game callouts may be expensive but are highly valuable to the game for players that don't communicate.

I hope other call outside can be thought up to create a wide range of vocal communication.
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Re: City name Callouts

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I love the idea. How would it work though? The ping wheel is already a little packed as it is. To me, it would probably be easiest to have to do it through the map.
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Re: City name Callouts


That's a good idea. High five

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Re: City name Callouts

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Pop up

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Re: City name Callouts

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pop up

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