Apex: home front

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Apex: home front

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Season sixty three! The action is starting off right in the heart of the frontier. Check out my previous seasons here to learn the story so far: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Creators-Corner/D-K-s-legends/m-p/9975794#M5742


Legend- psyomancer: psychic breaker


With the legends witnessing the the rise of the precursor race, knowing full well of the threat they posed, they received a communication on all open channels. 


"Clear skies humans, take heed. Regroup and prepare your armies, we will battle the invaders."


In the skies they saw the large fleet that had arrived moments ago begin to head to the planet and engage precursor fighter ships exiting the the structures. The legends didn't question the opportunity to escape and took it. They made way to U.F.S. headquarters to plan the next move. Near the top of the list was opening up recruitment centers and screening for new potential legends. Armies were organized, and fleets of ships were moved into defensive position. Secret projects were activated. One question that was held in everyones minds was who it was that was engaging precursor forces. When a communication was received via holographic display. A figure stepped forward and revealed himself to an avian, the same as Stolas. 


"Greetings humans, no doubt you have questions. I'm sure your familiar with our agent and vanguard Stolas. Who has been informing us of your frontier for some time. Fear not he has given no secrets of yours." The Avian went on to say


"our people have been preparing for this day since our liberation from this vile scourge And now we are ready to to fight at your side."


Just then he saw M'Dava and was visibly furious. 

"What is this!?" He scolded, who attempted to calm his superior. His superior demanded to know why this was not any of his reports. Stolas explained that M'Dava was an ally, having betrayed the precursors, saving Stolas several times and had become a friend. Stolas left M'Dava out of the reports for fear of what would happen to him. His superior said they would speak of this further, but for the U.F.S. should begin coordinating with Avian forces and ended the transmission. And they did just that, one such movement made was the activation of an agent codenamed Psyomancer.


Aliana was a girl from the darkened streets of Malta struggling and scraping to make a living like others in the criminal city, but since her childhood she was plagued by the awakening of psychic abilities which have made fitting into the world difficult. And they only got worse as they manifested. However when the U.F.S. found her they spent extensive time and effort aiding her to discover and control her abilities, eventually inducting her as an agent as time went on. She was activated during critical situations when her volatile powers were needed in key areas. But now it would appear she would be needed wherever possible. 


Having to deal with her situation she had become cold, calculating, and decisive. Rarely showing emotion through her facial expressions, her voice is rarely raised. But through her powers she does need to, being capable of leveling a battlefield with a thought.




Passive- psychic focus: the longer psyomancer goes without using her tactical the farther it goes and the more damage it does.


Tactical- pulse line: psyomancer launches a burst of energy the following along the ground, capable of going under deployables such as Gibraltar' dome or Rampart' walls and launching a target into the air causing moderate damage. This gives her the potential to be an effective bunker buster, giving teammates a clear target and causing confusion.


Ultimate- psychic bombardment: psyomancer launches a number of slow moving orbs that cover over an area like an umbrella. When hitting the ground explode causing damage to a target and cause a slight visual debuff for a short time.


Quest- operation: skirmisher

Players will collect treasure packs to unlock a mission where they must sabotage precursor battle camps that are beginning to pop up. They can choose stealth or force and finally they must defeat the commander to win.


LTM- psychic insanity

Periodically during a game the entire map will be affected by a map wide pulse throwing them in the air, or a map wide psychic Bombardment but don't take the damage and must adjust to the sudden change.


That's all for now I hope you enjoyed.

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