Apex: charge

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Apex: charge

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Season sixty five! Check out my previous seasons here to learn the story so far: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Creators-Corner/D-K-s-legends/m-p/9975794#M5742


Legend- Dreavor: Drac-tition



U.F.S. offense were being shipped out to the front line along with Avian forces while the large scale battle was holding steady, neither side really gaining advantage, somehow more and more precursor units were bypassing the conflict spread across typhon and were moving deeper into U.F.S. territory. Members of the new worlds were beginning to pour in to help their allies in the fight. 

From the planet apex came Dreavor, a member of the charge horn tribe. The charge horns while a brutal people were proud and honorable, they were among the first from apex to come and fight without being asked. Dreavor was a high ranking member of his tribe and excelled in the art of survival, especially among those of his home planet. He was large and muscular, and like those of his tribe he was clad in copper colored scales and sported a single broad horn on his snout. 


Having been frees from the rule of Gallbetrox he was happy to return the favor to those who'd saved his tribe. He signed up to be apart of first engagement units when precursors popped up on friendly planets. Dreavor took pride in his duty and did everything in his power to ensure as many of his teammates made it back alive. He often takes the brunt of first contact fire in order for others to pick off enemy combatants. However couples with his strength is the mind of an intelligent strategist. Dreavor has raised a young dragon to which he shares a strong bond, and claims to be able to understand the wyrmling. The Dragon is invaluable to Dreavor when on a hunt, having the capability to scout enemy locations under the guise of an unassuming member of the wildlife. 


While many are answering the call to fight and the situation seems like anyone's fight to win, those of the U.F.S., Avians, new worlds are all finite. The precursors continue a steady flow of ships and troops. Something needs to change soon.



Passive- battle prowess: Dreavor when taking damage will fill up to three stacks of battle prowess. When building momentum to slide, the slide will change to a charge and deflect 50% of damage for that charge.


Tactical- wildlife scout: Dreavor sends out his wyrmling in one direction, completely silent, and  will not stop unless in proximity of an enemy. It will then call out and reveal the enemy as long as they are in radius.


Ultimate- horn smash: Dreavor will be able to slam his horn into the ground three times to cause large amounts of damage. Coupled with his Passive this make him a near unstoppable force.


Quest- dragon rage

Players will collect treasure packs to unlock a mission where they will play as Dreavor and Dreavor alone to rescue captured allied units. Once released allies will be evacuated through a mysterious energy source. Dreavor will have no support and must face increasingly harrowing forces each time.


LTM- charge ball

Two teams in an arena map must try to beat each other by scoring the most goals in the opponents goal with three balls on the field. Players Passives are replaced by recharging battle prowess, and ultimate by a horn smash like Ability. 



That's all for now I hope you enjoyed.


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