Apex: beast tamers

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Apex: beast tamers

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Season sixty four. With this comes a new class, beast tamers. Check out my previous seasons here to learn the story so far: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Creators-Corner/D-K-s-legends/m-p/9975794#M5742



Legend- ambush: tactical opportunist


Weeks had past since the arrival of the precursors and the Avians were holding their own thus far despite small groups of precursors popping up over the frontier. However more and more were pouring out from the remnants of Typhon with no end in sight. The U.F.S. had begun dispatching reinforcements to aid in the fight and their plans for recruiting legends was in full swing. Dragon Knight had taken on initiative to form a group of legends specializing in utilizing animal companions in battle. Beast tamers they were called along with him came bloodhound, huntsman to train recruits to better help the bonding process of companion and master. Those who joined were normally assigned a companion to bond with and learn to fight as one. Those rare few who joined and had a companion already bonded were advanced further and offered to share their knowledge and experience with the others. 


Prowlers were the most common to be assigned with and were fiercely loyal to their master. Capable of navigating the "home terrain" and moving silently to launch a surprise assault backed with raw power, they could be deployed in small groups or en mass. Members of this division took to calling themselves dire wolves. 


Flyers were the next most common and anyone looking to work with them were moved to dragon Knight' already established royal dragon Air force, which grew exponentially with the formation of the beast tamers. Flyers were harder to track with technology and moved much more silently when not calling out their horrendous screams. Members were called R.D.A.F units for short. 


Leviathans were planned to be used as mobile command centers and air carriers. 


The training facility was established on eden II with its large population of animals made it perfect.

Other creatures were planned to be integrated into the group when an easier method of bonding was developed. Tyrants, chargers, and creatures from the new worlds like whip tails. However it was best to start with the ones best known, the only one missing from this list was the behemoth. Dragon Knight knew that behemoths would be necessary for the beast tamers, so he called upon an acquaintance to help. A native to eden II who had spent his life studying behemoths and had learned nearly everything he could about them. He and the beast tamers went to great lengths to capture a behemoth, anyone who attempted to get near it was met with hostile responses from the creature. The only one to show any progress was the very man who's been studying them and applied the knowledge properly. The bonding process took considerable time and was much like forming a bond with and ape. After long and arduous efforts the behemoth had formed some beginnings of trust and before long had formed a protective bond. The two were ready for deployment as well as ready to train new members to the division which were aptly dubbed Jotüün. 



Passive: opportunity- when in ambush' tactical enemy Passive Abilities are negated, ally Abilities are enhanced to last longer, or deal more damage.


Tactical: calm the beast- ambush launches a wrist cannister filled with a gas originally designed to make catching behemoths easier. When launches this will cancel or debuff active Abilities. Smoke last a shorter duration, valkyrie middles don't stun, Gibraltar ults do less damage.


Ultimate: Jotüün- ambush sends out his behemoth which will run for a short distance and be made semi stationary in a small radius small damage to any enemy nearby


With a new class comes a new class Passive

Beast tamer Passive: companionship- when active damage dealing companions will prioritize enemies dealing damage to the legend that summoned them. Stationary damages dealing companions throw stones when having a line of sight.


Non damaging Mobility companions can jump the hight of a small building. 


Looting companions will persist until destroyed by an enemy, and continue looting.


Defensive companions will create temporary cover with rocks.


recon companions reveal utility items.


Quest- Jotüünheim

Players will collect treasure packs to unlock a mission where they must battle precursor forces while trying to capture a rogue group of behemoth that are none to happy that you and precursors are invading their territory. The player must first defeat precursor forces, use ambush' concoction to weaken the creatures, and trick them into charging into containment cells that are dropped in.


LTM- fight night unchained

Box with a behemoth in pathfinders boxing ring and use power ups to help win such as:

Power blow- deal massive damage

Stunning fist- stun the behemoth

Right and left gaurd- take less damage from one of the behemoths fists depending on which gaurd you grab

Invigorate- get a health or shield boost 

Survive three rounds to win, at the end of each round health and shields are regenerated but at each new round the behemoth deals more damage. Survive a random bonus round and win a small amount of crafting materials.



That's all for now I hope you enjoyed 

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