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A New Apex Legend - Scout

by The_T-Bone216

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A New Apex Legend - Scout

★★★★ Novice

So I have an idea for a new character inside of Apex Legends. The character's name would be 'Scout' and, in my vision of him, would be dressed in mostly dark clothing. Like a stealth stalker. Scout would have one robotic eye (the reasoning soon to come). But the design ins't really what I'm wanting to focus on, I'm talking more about the abilities.


Scout's Passive ability would be called Eagle Eye. His robotic eye gives him an edge over the opponents. When Scout marks an enemy, him and his squad-mates are notified of what legend the marked enemy is playing.


The Tactical ability would be called Seeker. Scout is able to deploy 1 to 2 sensors around the map. He is then notified when an enemy passes through the line of sight of the sensor and how many enemies there were. The camera can be destroyed by gunshot or grenade.


Here's where things get super interesting. In all of my time playing Apex Legends, especially now within the competitive ranked mode, I have found it difficult to recover squad-mates' banners when they are being guarded by enemies. 


So Scout's Ultimate ability would be called Rover. When activated, Scout releases a medium sized floating disk to go recover your teammates' banners. The rover would travel at a slightly faster speed than a sprinting legend would have, and can be destroyed by gunshots and grenades. The storm will not kill the Rover, but it will be able to slow down its pace. Once the Rover has collected the banners, it will travel back to wherever Scout is and can be used at any respawn beacon. 


This character would be very useful within the ranked mode. Many times after your teammate has been killed, you have to leave him behind and play for placement due to the fact that if you try to recover the banner, you may be outnumbered or caught in zone. Therefore, losing your RP entry cost. Having a Legend that is able to recover the banners and bring them back to you without forcing you into confrontation would be amazing.


Thank you to everyone who has read this and if you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them.

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Re: A New Apex Legend - Scout

★★★★★ Apprentice
@The_T-Bone216 This just makes me recall the times I risk my life saving a random teamate's banner
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Re: A New Apex Legend - Scout

★★★★ Novice

The amount of effort we put in to save those whom we don't even know could be solved

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Re: A New Apex Legend - Scout

Community Manager

Great ideas, a safe recovery option would definitely mix things up.

An enemy team sitting on deathboxes also have some choices to make. They can destroythe Rover (making noise), ignore it and hope the ressed guy doesn't come back to bite them, or chase it back to Scout, possibly into an ambush. 

If I were to make a suggestion, I'd buff the passive. Maybe they could highlight the pinged person's placeables, or their ult charge. 

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Re: A New Apex Legend - Scout

★★★★ Novice

I do agree, I think the passive would need a little bit of a buff to get some players more attracted to it. I was even thinking he could be able to see other legends abilities through walls instead of, or added onto, the existing passive I suggested. Scout would be able to see where caustic traps are placed, watson traps/ults, pathfinder's ziplines, heal drones and care packages from lifeline. Things like that. I really appreciate the feedback, thank you!

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