3 Legend Concepts in Progress

by Vykking_xD_

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3 Legend Concepts in Progress

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Well, hello, in case you don't know me [you don't], I used to post a lot of legend concepts, well I'm back with 3 more. They are still in progress but I'll give you their nicknames and kinda what they do:


Strongheim: He is a defensive Legend, counting with a great spirit to help others and very strong person.


Pheonix: She is a mastermind, capable of almost anything, anything involved with electric she can fix it.


[Needs name xd]: She can communicate with the dead, she can use them as a shell, but she can also help the one on her side.



I know I didn't mentioned a lot about them but like I said, they are in progress, some of them just need a Passive and an Ultimate and they'll be ready to be shared. 


Thank you for your time and have a great day :]

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