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Re: (100) gold for every win in Apex Legends?

by HaydWatkiss

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(100) gold for every win in Apex Legends?

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Ok this is my first time doing something like this, so I'm probably going to get a lot of stuff wrong, or who knows perhaps, I'm a natural at posting ideas online for strangers, to see and make fun at. Alright.

So I think it be cool and this is for (Apex Legends) if Winning a game gave you (100) gold, you could then use to buy things. The only way to get this (gold) is to Win can't buy it with actual money nun of that.

I think this world just give as larger motivation to win, I only have about 40 wins by no means a pro. But it's just getting boring had a game last night where my team got #20. And that was the best game I ever had because it was fun. We just sat there playing with Octanes jump pad. Winning wasn't even on my mind. But in a game like this, it should be. If (100) gold was on the line it would be.

Also, side thing if you pay\get a weapon skin every time you pick up that weapon it should have that skin.

Grenades, arch stars... Should have skins to.

Thank you for your time.

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Re: (100) gold for every win in Apex Legends?

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Its a nice idea, but sadly i can't see this ever happening. This is a free-to-play game after all and they have got to make money one way or another. I spent around £25-£30 on this game so far and i look at it as supporting the game. Basically like giving a donation but actually getting something in return Standard smile 


Perhaps 20 Crafting metals per win would be more realistic


Or a wins reward card which you have to fill.


15 wins -  Standard Apex Pack

30 wins  - Rare Apex Pack

50 wins  - Epic Apex Pack 

100 wins - Legendary Apex Pack


This could be reset every season and would certainly motivate people to try that bit harder to achieve that win. 


Season 2 will be here soon and i can see big things coming. Hope so anyway Standard smile 

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Re: (100) gold for every win in Apex Legends?

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I personally like the idea, but perhaps change it to what HaydWatKiss suggested. I don’t care much for wins, I go for kills and to have fun, winning is just a bonus. But having something like this in game would encourage me to try that bit harder for wins. However, the game might change to players just camping the entire game hoping to get to last two and then kill the last enemy team. 

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Re: (100) gold for every win in Apex Legends?

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I also thought about the camping aspect when i was writing my comment lol

They could make it so that you have to have 1000+ damage and win for you to earn a stamp on your rewards card.

Probably drop the win count also to 10 / 25 / 50 / 75 (Bit more realistic as seasons only last 3 months) Wins would total together for all legends. 

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Re: (100) gold for every win in Apex Legends?

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I disagree with the 1000. I’m an aggressive player and have about 50 wins but I rarely get over 1000 damage. 

Maybe you get 10 shards per kill if you win the game plus the win count you suggested. 

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Re: (100) gold for every win in Apex Legends?

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i initially thought it should be 5+ kills and the win to earn a stamp but then remember all the games where i have had 1000+ damage and around 1-2 kills. Was just a thought to minimise camping for the win. Perhaps 750+ damage would be more realistic.

I definitely agree with Vepple's idea though, you should be rewarded better for a win, you get 900XP at the moment. You get 1000XP for surviving for 5 minutes, surely a win is more of an achievement.

Im pretty sure no other Battle Royale game offers a reward card system for wins, this could be something fresh and rewarding for dedicated players and implemented into the battle pass to keep players interested after hitting max.
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