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Re: The Show Off Your Latest Thread

by Cassey01

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Re: The Show Off Your Latest Thread

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one of my latest was this trash

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Re: The Show Off Your Latest Thread

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During last weeks I'm again focussed on ships from Star trek, in progress are now some remasters of my old models from old movies, for now I hawe here some other ships from other movies and series:

Spore_2019-03-23_20-45-32.pngPrometheus class.png


Defiant class.pngSpore_2019-03-23_20-27-19.png

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Re: The Show Off Your Latest Thread

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I wish I could create ships as good as yours, @Cassey01. These spaceships are amazing!
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Re: The Show Off Your Latest Thread

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Promised more ships - mostly from Star trek, mostly remastered old models from old movies starting with old movie Constitution refit class, TOS original Constitution class, Miranda class, quickly changing to my attempt for War rocket Ajax from Flash Gordon movie and ending with Excelsior refit (my fawourite old ST design)


 Spore_2019-05-02_00-44-42.png Spore_2019-05-03_18-56-29.png



As last, just for comparison I adding also older model , Kelvin timeline (JJ Abram's) Constitution class from new ST movies which I made around one and half year back with rest of the KT starfleet ships including Franklin and Vengeance

Next in my focus is remastering both X-wing models and few variants

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