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Re: 10 years later: Your first creature

by MorrysIllusion

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Re: 10 years later: Your first creature

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Sorry for my delay response. Standard smile


Oh yes, I remember so well. I guess it was more than tens of thousands of creatures. Standard smile


I still have the first ones in my game, it's also memories of friends losing their fight against different diseases (brain cancer, spinal muscular atrophy).


They live on in my Spore. 


That's why, I love Spore. It's not just a game for me. It's a game for me that I played together with friends and we had so much fun with it

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Re: 10 years later: Your first creature

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Good concept :D

Here what my first creature looked like, at the end of the creature phase (I was 12 at the time I think).


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Re: 10 years later: Your first creature

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That brings back some memories! Poor old first creature of mine -- He looks so sad next to creations from even a few months later.




I honestly miss some of these characters. I did all of my creation in-game, so I know the creatures are not as fancy or realistic as some are in static PNG, but mine did play well in other people's games, and I enjoyed them in mine, knowing their "parts" behaved correctly and their heads didn't go flying off or rotate through their bodies LOL


This is one of my later ones that I really enjoy. It showed up as a creature in the game I was playing earlier. I love how the cell stage parts behave as ears.


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Re: 10 years later: Your first creature

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Hey, I loved your creatures! I actually love those kind of creatures, uniques and that looked so great in game. They made the Creature stage seem so full of life, you know?
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Re: 10 years later: Your first creature

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i played spore in 2008 at my cousins house, but i dont have any access to those creations now (i was 9 when i first played!)... so my first shared creature when i got the game myself was this! 



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Re: 10 years later: Your first creature

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My first creature is a pretty interesting story. I don't remember much about it other than it was a really ugly humanoid and it was called Spuman. I downloaded spore back in 2014 on Steam on a very old computer. At the time i didn't have a spore account because the Steam version of spore does not allow you to make an account and and always gives you an error message. I assumed that the game was dead and the servers had been shut down. It took me awhile before i finally found out that the servers were, in fact NOT dead and that i could have had an account that whole time. I made my account back it 2017 and the first creature i ever uploaded was this guy.


As for Spuman the computer i had him on has since been totally wiped, 3 times and now does not even work. How ever ill always have the memories i made with Spuman and ill never forget how mind-blown i was my first time playing the game. Spore is awesome. Standard smile Have fun playing Spore everyone, Stevie303.

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Re: 10 years later: Your first creature

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Im pretty recent playing spore, i actually knew spore like some years ago, and i wanted it so badly, but well, got it some months ago and its awesome, now i have galactic adventures and its the bomb.



Well my first creation was the Dumbus cell, for the main game


Then i created the Froggosaurus, for the sporepedia, but for some reason, i published first my second creation first, the Human Embryo, for the sporepedia too


Dumbus.pngFroggosaurus.pngHuman Embryo.png

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Re: 10 years later: Your first creature

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This was one of my first creations.


I found out about the game around 2010-ish and I had it for a while (physical edition) on an older computer (that I no longer have access to). Back then I thought there were a lot of issues which caused both the game and servers to die, it was until around 2 years ago that I realized that neither was the case.


I purchased it on Steam and started creating and playing, however, I realized that I couldn't get a hold of an account for whatever reason, another year of hiatus lead me to both sharpen my creation abilities and discover a method to get myself an account.


This creature was the first I created when I got the game in my new computer (trough Steam) and kind of keep it as a reminder of how simple things used to be.

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Re: 10 years later: Your first creature

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I've really been out of the loop, but I've missed this game, so I'm kinda coming back to it. Figured I'd check out the community and pitch in my two cents! Unfortunately, my very first creation is long gone, but the earliest surviving creature creation of mine is this dude:


Spore Beirar.png

A bit basic and kinda meh. A lot of my creations from back in the day (2009-ish) were frankly abominations, heh. It honestly wasn't until relatively recently that I started making anything halfway decent looking:

Scrail.png and Crystite.png

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Re: 10 years later: Your first creature

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First time using this platform to post, though i was pretty active on the Sporum before they closed

I bought spore in december '08 but my official Spore account turned 10 years old last month

This fella was my first spore creation created on the same day as i activated my account,


To celebrate his 10th anniversary, I decided to give him a remake


I don't really play that much nowadays but it was real fun when i did.

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