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Re: gear for colossus

by Malissei

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gear for colossus

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ok I keep getting gear for colossus and a lot have sniper bonuses on them , I didn't think colossus could use a sniper/scout rifle so I equip one and went out . even though I could see it I couldn't use the sniper on colossus. I would rotate to it ,it would show up in hand then disappear. 

can colossus equ a sniper/scout rifle?

if not WTF does a lot of colossus gear drop have sniper stats on them?

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Re: gear for colossus

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Best gear well. Is constant loading screens all your going to see.. I think this was ment to be an open world at first but then changed in so many directions it now plays like a cell phone game with loading screen after loading screen not even some cell phone games have this much loading times
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Re: gear for colossus

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ok WTF are your talking about? I don't think you read my post. i'm talking about sniper weapons and colossus using them and you … you type something about loading screens and cell phones. you ether got into some good stuff  or it was lace with something else . how did you type that and being that high and no miss spell words . i'm impress! 

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Re: gear for colossus

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The Colossus can't use pistols and machine pistols. Sniper rifles are perfectly usable. 

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Re: gear for colossus

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Absolutely, Colossus can use snipers. "Devastator" is a pretty commonly used sniper in blast builds, and the Colo can take advantage off that. 


However, from my understanding, Interceptor best utilizes them.

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