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Shield Suggestions

by MrSandman777

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Shield Suggestions

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I already know that a buff has been suggested and possibly implemented for the Colossus' shield but another suggestion would be to allow the colossus to use a heavy or machine pistol while the shield is deployed. Once the shield is destroyed, the pistol is unavailable outside of the main equipped weapons, until the shield has recharged and is usable again.


At least with this there can be some offense to using it instead of just the shield bash, which is fairly weak on its own

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Re: Shield Suggestions

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I like the idea of a melee weapon as an addition to the available weapons when a shield is deployed.  Maybe an energy whip.

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Re: Shield Suggestions

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A Flail/Mace. A whip is silly.

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Re: Shield Suggestions

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A whip like they have in Seveneves (Neal Stevenson book) would be epic

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Re: Shield Suggestions

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we definitely need this, either a weapon or allow punching during shield attack downtime; as it is it feels very slow and cumbersome
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Re: Shield Suggestions

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The fundamental issue with the shield as I see it is that it doesn't produce an ebb and flow to combat the same way that the body shields do. Basically the other Javelins have two combat phases, they have their offensive phase where they dish out damage, and their body shield takes the hits. When their body shield is depleted they switch to a defensive phase, where they take evasive action or get behind cover instead of attacking, and doing that successfully recharges their body shield. If they go back and forth between attacking and defending successfully they never lose any actual health. 


The Colossus is fundamentally different from that, because activating its shield is part of it's defensive phase, since it can't really do much to attack while the shield is up. That means the Colossus doesn't cycle between offense and defense the way the other Javelins do, you don't gain free HP that you can spend on offense while you're on the defense, so you pretty much always lose health during your offense phases and are only kept alive by the drops. There is no clever way to play the Colossus that avoids losing health entirely, like there is with the other Javelins. 


So as far as I'm concerned the problem with the shield isn't necessarily that you can't attack while it's up. If you could the Colossus would simply become like all the other Javelins in that you'd go on the offense while you have shield and get behind cover when you need to recharge it. The problem is that blocking enemy attacks with the shield as a defensive move doesn't give you any disposable HP you can use to go on the offense with.


So the way that I think the shield should be fixed would be some mechanic where your shield absorbs energy from incoming attacks and when you put it away that energy gives you a bit of health back, or maybe give the Colossus a body shield, but instead of it recharging itself after some time it has to be powered by absorbing energy from attacks with your physical shield. The upgraded Quen sign in Witcher 3 did something similar where it healed you when you blocked attacks. I'd try to set up these mechanics so that the more empty your shield is when you drop it the more powerful the benefit becomes, but when the shield breaks the benefit is lost completely. That would introduce a skill element where you're trying to take the shield to its limits to get a big payoff from blocking, but if you push it too far you wind up with your pants down and nothing to show for it. 

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