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Javelin Customization Female/Male

by Lady_Drakka

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Javelin Customization Female/Male

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So I like Colossus like alot, its my jam, running while having the jet booster helping you, feeling like being the heavy and strong thing, shield. As of I like dragons and this thing feels closest to dragon as I can get with Javelin tho still something is kinda missing? But what is it? For me it feels kinda wrong to be playing something that looks so "manly"? What do you people think? Would it be good to have like a customization to change the whole appearance/structure of your Javelin? I would love to have the option to change the basic structure of the Javelin ima playing to be more feminine. There is only interceptor that looks like, female, but I dont like Interceptor at all, not even Ranger, Storm I tried cuz fire spells but I always go back to Colossus in the end.

People tell meh they call Colossus the "thic boi" :D feels wrong for me.

Spawn moar customization pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase.


How about coloring just the shield?

Or adding special lights?


Color of the fire? Type of the booster like plasma, gravitational pull or whatever?

Tho I would like just to change the basic structure for now, but do you people have some nice ideas too?

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Re: Javelin Customization Female/Male

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★★★★ Novice

I feel the same about the interceptor but in the opposite direction: I would play it, but I feel the hips and shoulder profile remain feminine regardless of what doodads and addons you attach via cosmetic purchases and would prefer to have a male option.

I love that there's both feminine and masculine body forms in the game, but they shouldn't be locked by class. Give interceptor (and maybe ranger and storm) a choice. Like a picker(?) - but I understand this means remodelling a TON of ingame assets.

As for Colossus, which is more mech-like and therefore androgenous imo, I like your suggestions.


Maybe some more custom vinyls?


I feel like since they are releasing armor packs that change the model, they could release a pack for Colossus that re-sizes the shoulder and hip profile maybe? So an armor pack is my suggestion.

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