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Re: Flak Cannon straight trash???

by Aknunsus

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Re: Flak Cannon straight trash???

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I don't know if it is trash, but it definetly is not a FLAK Cannon. I took that thing thinking it would be great against pesky flyiers, like those dominion Storm Javelins or the firebirds. It is just a shot gun. PB it is nice shooting a dude in the face, or freezing an enemy and hitting the crit spot etc, but, I mean. We got better tools than that. It just does not come across as a very good multi target weapon or a FLAK weapon. It is only effective when you stick it up someones grill.

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Re: Flak Cannon straight trash???

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My colossus melee hits for 15 to 20k and after a voltiac dome cast combos the * out of everything. My colossus clears just as fast if not faster than my storm

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Re: Flak Cannon straight trash???

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Only used flak cannon to get the gearmaster achievement and dumped that thing.

Paired with burst mortar this is the useless weapon in he colossus arsenal IMO.
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Re: Flak Cannon straight trash???

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I use the Black Powder for skeet shooting and crowd control. Not really relying on it for damage dealing.


Clipping the wings off those pesky hovering elementals with the flak is a satisfying effect.

I make sure to waltz up and punch em in the face while flamboyantly scowling to display my dominance.

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Re: Flak Cannon straight trash???

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Is ther something comparable thats not point blank? Like I kinda like the moartar launcher or the one that fires multiple shells at once, any way to make them and say siege cannon viable? I like these weapons the best lol

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Re: Flak Cannon straight trash???

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I haven't used the flak cannon in quite a while.  I generally stay away from the gear that is not either a primer or detonator.  


Is it perhaps good at taking down enemy shielding??  I'd love to have a decent and reliable way of shooting elementalists out the sky.


Edit: Overlooked @Hillslam 's post.  How quickly does it take out enemy shielding (for perspective, lets consider the MW version at GM1)? One blast, two? More? 

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