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Fighting the new Sunken Cell Boss (giant fury)

by Quasinerdo

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Fighting the new Sunken Cell Boss (giant fury)

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I like the Sunken Cell SH for a bit of variety but the last boss is a total PITA as a colossus. I was in a group with 2 colossus, storm and interceptor.

Constantly moving shield out and firing on him when he was between attacks etc.... I have still never died so many times in this game.



I'll describe my issues - but am broadly interested in how people are playing colossus successfully on this boss. Not theory crafting by those who play other classes or just MSU, but actual experiences.



I've been playing it at GM2, fit-out is a mix of legendary and MW items (700 PR … bugged equipment aside).

No specific push for lighting resist.

I'm kitted out for range with Endless Siege and rocket launcher (damage and health regen),

voltaic for CC and to set up for others to combo.

I have a focus on items with +armour where I can.


My problem is the shield mechanic for the colossus in this encounter and the AOE or multi-directional strikes from the boss. Homing missiles and the boss' attacks mean you are vulnerable nearly all of the time on offence and the issues of switching to shield and trying t move often result in you being hit drained to death by the lightning.


Observing the other Colossus and team members both colossi were down 70% of the fight I reckon (1 or both of us). I have never died so much in this game. The other 2 players barely lost HP as their shielding, abilities  and speed gave them tools to dodge the attacks.


The boss attacks continue to focus a downed team member - adds a need to time the assist on them, but that timing is often too short between attacks for a res without being lightninged again.


Re-spawn seems to deliberately cast you in at moderately close range to the boss.


Melee 1 shots you.


Lightning attacks that stun are enough to kill you if he has chained them at you - even with shield out as he busts it then stun-locks you with the next hit.


All in all I found it a frustrating and painful experience at the end of a decent dungeon. 

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Re: Fighting the new Sunken Cell Boss (giant fury)

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I died a ton my first time in the encounter on Colossus, however with additional runs it became easier and easier.  The other javelins definitely have an easier time with that fight but I wouldn't encourage them to nerf it, it's good for some challenge to be in the game.  


If they are going to nerf something it needs to be GM3 Stronghold Boss health.  It takes a geared competent team way to long to eat through that health bar.


I'm curious after doing the boss again, has he gotten any easier?

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Re: Fighting the new Sunken Cell Boss (giant fury)

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we all need to beg BW to take the stagger off the lightning bolts/area
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