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Colossus gets way too much stunned and CC'ed

by BattIeangel_99

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Colossus gets way too much stunned and CC'ed

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there's so much stun and cc in this game and Colossus gets them all, because he can't dodge!


once frozen or cc'ed, it takes ages (if u survive at all) to be mobile again.


Colossus even stuns himself 2 times by using his ultimate - stunlocked pulling the ult rocketlauncher - blinded by his own explosion so he can't track moving targets - stunlocked again putting the ult-launcher away... very annoying^^



plz reduce the overall amount of Colossus cc's and fix his annoying ultimate!


thank you

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Re: Colossus gets way too much stunned and CC'ed

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Hey, I've been playing Colossus all week and I've been stun-locked once or twice myself! I've found the Colossus can draw their Shield very fast, swiftly enough to block most attacks that can stun you. Also, their jumps accelerate very quickly which allows for a quick vertical reposition, or ground slam! As for the Ult stun locking the Colossus? Yes, it locks you in place and allows for some left/right and forward/backwards movement. However, you are full healed when you start it and invulnerable while using it. A small price to pay for dropping 3 massive high damage AoE's.

In short, the Colossus is big and heavy with surprising mobility in short bursts. Use that weight and momentum to your advantage. Hope this helps!
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Re: Colossus gets way too much stunned and CC'ed

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the stunlock animation pulling and putting the ult-launcher is totally unnecessary^^


they should make his ult way more faster...


and btw it does not deliver massive high dmg - on GM2 you can't even kill one elite trashmob (3x 25k is nothing compared to enemies HP - even on GM1)


after Hard difficulty his ult is just a panic button and a life saver^^

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Re: Colossus gets way too much stunned and CC'ed

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The colossus should have some natural stun resist. Playing GM1 scar fort is rough, especially the boss. Things can one or two shot your shield, then your stuck in place for 2 seconds, more if the shield breaks in the air, if the boss breaks your shield, it will stun lock you with rockets. I don't mind taking huge damage so much, but losing controle of my javelin for so long, so often is very frustrating.

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Re: Colossus gets way too much stunned and CC'ed

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The problem is simply that anything that you don't block hits you like you have no shield. The absolute worst is Titans that spawn ice elementals non stop. It just takes one of those damn things sneaking up on you and you're frozen because you don't have a body shield. 

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Re: Colossus gets way too much stunned and CC'ed

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In general I find that for the “biggest and strongest” Javelin... it’s lacking basic things: gets stun locked way too easily, horrible resistances to elements, a lack lustre “ultimate” that does barely any damage (my Colossus is Masterwork 490) compared to a storm at Epic 431. The storms ultimate auto combo’s hitting 45-55k hits per shot.. colossus super cannon barely scratches 25k. It needs to actually be reworked or for enemies to have their HP halved (maybe not exactly halved) as in GM2... even on a team of masterwork characters it was a slog just to kill basic trash mobs which as the “hero” suits we should be stomping, don’t warframe it but close enough that in GM2 it’ll be an enjoyable progression (we’re 15 points over the recommended level and it’s not showing at all). With a difference between masterwork at level 30 being 45 power and a legendary being 47... it all needs a reworks and loot needs an overhaul, I shouldn’t be getting pistol mods on my components when I’m a colossus and can’t even use them.

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Re: Colossus gets way too much stunned and CC'ed

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This is making me crazy. Constantly stunned or simply unable to use gear. Sometimes I have to press trigger several times to engage my launcher, fully cooled down. Also, notice a sizeable lag when equipping shield sometimes. To the point where you think it didn't deploy. So, I press shield again only to have him equip then unequip shield really fast. And stunned again. As for Ultimate, they need to put a red silhouette around enemies while active. Like the white one on fellow Javelins in area. Only during Ultimate, obviously.
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Re: Colossus gets way too much stunned and CC'ed

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Without the Overshield of other classes, you got CC'd plus you will always get hit with status effects. Overshield blocks status effects, unless its worn off. God forbid you have a Devastator that you just shot then try to pull out your Shield. Good Luck aka RIP
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