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Colossus Shield + Revive

by ProfessorSpankIt

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Colossus Shield + Revive

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Make it happen Bioware. Pretty stupid how you can revive a suit while facing away from it with that stupid tether, but the Colossus can't use his protective shield while doing it?


Way to make the "tank" character useless while reviving teammates.

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Re: Colossus Shield + Revive

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You can... But first, BIOWARE if you are listening, please do not take it away. I think it's a glitch but it actually is a good thing to keep or improve on. As some one who uses this for the exact reason braught up by the OP, it definately make me feel like a proper tank / dont worry i got you character. I noticed no one else was doing it so here it is. 


Step 1) fly to the person (Don't matter if you have shield up once you start reviving them you drop the shield)

Step 2) start repair (shields gets remove here)

Step 3) press the shield button (middle mouse button)


Got it to work in demo by accident. And tested to work in premier release. If you can do it too cheers. 


Oh yeah make sure you are facing the person who me you are reviving. It takes some getting use to when positioning to block incoming shot and being able to revibe. but trust me it gets your heart beating watching your shield drop in health race the revive time.  It also makes you a little more daring to save your team mate, even when your health is in the read somehow it makes you think you can still do it. Wink like how a proper colossus should live.

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Re: Colossus Shield + Revive

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The Devs confirmed.
This will be a thing in the 22nd update.
Shield+revive confirmed!
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