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Re: Colossus Masterwork Component Review

by RandomNobodyGuy

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Colossus Masterwork Component Review

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★★★★ Apprentice

I think there are a lot of Colossus masterwork components that are just plain bad and need some improvement. Especially the masterworks leave a lot to be desired. So let's review them:


Ablative Shielding  - Gives a lot of bonus shield strength and increases your damage resistance after a shield break.


Pretty good, but the masterwork property is kind of meh. Getting rewarded for something you should avoid is never really satisfying in a game. It's a consolation prize, not something awesome.


How about making this component heal you for 5% of the damage your shield catches instead? That would actually be useful and reward you for using your shield successfully rather than for getting it broken. 


Catalytic Overdrive - Increases combo damage by 50% and increases your ability damage by 40% for 20 seconds after detonating a combo. 


This is rock solid for a build based around combos, the only complaint I have is that the game already pigeonholes you into using combo builds. Also you usually combo things by using abilities, abilities that often have a 10-14 second cooldown, so you kind of wind up having to use them right away to catch the back end of this bonus if it was triggered by using your abilities in the first place.


This is a pretty good component, I don't think it needs any changes.


Demolition Tribute - Increases shield attack damage by 300% and gives you 20% of your armor back on a melee kill.


Potentially one of the most powerful components in the game, though I personally find that melee damage doesn't scale very well into the GM difficulties, even though it's extremely strong on lower difficulties. If you like melee and are successful with it this will serve you extremely well.


Doesn't need changes, would benefit from being able to make a more melee focused build though. 


Emblem of Destruction - Increases all blast damage by 15% and recharges your ultimate rapidly if you kill 5 enemies with it. 


This is really strong, but it also solidifies the Colossus ultimate as a garbage burner ability, not something that really stands out at taking down single tough targets.


Don't think this needs any major changes, I think the blast damage increase could be bigger. 


Issuing a correction on this, since my description of it was wrong. It should say:


- Increases all blast damage by 15% and grants you an extra shot for your Ultimate if you kill 5 enemies with one shot with it.


This is actually really bad. It doesn't work if you're on a difficulty setting where your ult doesn't oneshot things, and increases the destructive power of your ultimate pretty much only against minion class enemies. 


If it worked like I described earlier that it gives you a boost toward charging your next ultimate it would be a heck of a lot more useful. Also Bioware should really fix the description of this ability to say what it actually does. Or simply make this increase the number of shots in your Ult to 4 period. Giving it some bizarre activation requirement that makes it so you can only get the extra shot when you don't need it isn't cool. 


Grand Entrance - Increases duration of support abilities by 50% and causes an explosion on hard landings.


Grand disappointment more like. Doesn't really help you melee better, and the colossus support abilities are so meh that having them last longer still won't make me want to give up the extra second I could spend doing something useful it costs to activate them. 


If the support abilities were better this would probably be more to my liking. I'm not sure why there needs to be an additional way to cause explosions instead of simply a more powerful slam attack in some way. If someone wants to play a melee focused Colossus they don't need more attacks, they need stronger attacks. Maybe reduce the delay between melee attacks with this Masterwork.


Reinforced Hull - Increases all weapon magazines by 5% and grants you 20% more resistance when you clear a status effect. 


Entering serious trash territory here. For some reason the magazine increase has gone down from 35% to 5% going from the mundane version to the masterwork version of this item. Not that a slightly bigger magazine was ever that useful to begin with in a game where your primary concern is dealing enough damage to even see the enemy health bar budge. The masterwork effect is also another one of those consolation prize effects that nobody really wants. Is it a little bit useful? Sure, I guess, but I play to avoid status effects, so putting a payoff behind getting

hit with them is just annoying. 


The Increase Magazine and Increase Ammo Storage should be there to make weapon specialist builds. A little ammo increase doesn't accomplish that. How about something like "Increase weapon damage 35%" and for a masterwork trait something like "Killing an enemy with a weapon refills 20% of that weapon's ammo" Now we have a serious component for making an Autocannon build. 


Shock Treatment - Increases ordnance launcher damage by 5% and increases your heat dissipation by 30% for 5 seconds when you hit someone with it. 


More serious trash. 5%? Really? The gear piece itself can roll a 200% damage bonus and you're telling me it's dedicated component grants an extra 5% If that's a joke I'm not laughing. And yea, other Javelins have components like that too. It's not funny on those either. And that masterwork property....  Yea. Heat dissipation. Because the one thing people who want to max their ability damage care about is being able to fly a bit longer. I guess you'll be able to get back to the forge quicker and trash this awful component. 


This needs a straight up rework. The two ability boosting components should be there for people who want to make ability focused builds, and they should be appropriately powerful. 35% damage increase would be a good start. The masterwork should enable you to use your abilities more, so a reduction in cooldown, or gaining an extra charge on a hit. 


Stalwart Badge - Increases Maximum Ammo Capacity by 35% and increases ability damage by 40% for 5 seconds after a shield break.


Well, at least they didn't nerf the ammo increase compared to it's regular version on this one. Another freaking get something for getting your shield shot off component. Who thought this was a good idea? This is probably the worst one, because the 40% damage increase to abilities is actually quite useful, but only for 5 seconds after a shield break means you have to deliberately get your shield broken to use it, and then you won't have your shield to defend yourself after laying down your abilities.


Again, these should be about making weapon specialists. Boosting ability damage isn't the way to do that. How about giving it a masterwork trait that lets your shield absorb enemy shots and turn them into ammo for your gun instead? That would again be an insanely useful trait for a weapon centric build that needs a constant supply of ammo but can't always dive into the enemies to get it.


Synchronized Frame - Increases heavy assault launcher damage by 5% and increases it's damage by a further 60% for 5 seconds after defeating an enemy. 


Again with the 5%. Totally disappointing numbers on ability specific components seems to be a theme here. The 60% bonus on killing an enemy is ok I guess, but given the cooldown of these abilities for most of them this basically amounts to "Your E does more damage if you kill something without it before using it". Uh, I guess. I'd rather just be able to use my E to kill things whenever I want. 


And again, that damage bonus needs to come up, and the primary focus of a component that boost abilities should be to get more use out of your abilities because these should be there for people who make ability focused builds. 


Vanguard Emblem - Increases Electric and Fire damage by 35% and creates an explosion around you on a shield break.


Solid base item, the damage increase is pretty good for certain builds. Yet another component that rewards you for getting your shield broken though. Why? Why have all these components give you rewards for failure? This is awful! It also has nothing to do with fire or lightning abilities. 


The whole shield break thing is nonsense, how about instead this adds a blast of lighting to your slam attacks and makes you leave a trail of fire when you shield charge through enemies?





I think the Components should really let you customize your build and focus on different aspects of the Colossus. Shield, Melee, Weapons, Artillery, Elemental abilities...  The components should be built around supporting specific play styles if you apply them in the right combinations. If I could design a masterwork component from scratch I'd make things like an artillery focused component that increases explosive damage dramatically at the expense of melee damage for example, so you can really pick a role and build for it. 

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Re: Colossus Masterwork Component Review

★★★★ Novice
Great post. I had no idea that the masterwork components were a flop for Colossus. Three based on you shield breaking... Aren't we trying to not have your shield break? 5% damage boosts is trash...
I like your idea of adding ammo to the mag on kills.
Adding a fire line while shield charging would be amazing.
My idea for a MW support ability is "Enemies killed while affected by Taunt always drop health and ammo"
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Re: Colossus Masterwork Component Review

★★★★ Novice
I totally agree with you on all the points. They only thing that i think that needs to be addressed is that Ablative Shielding gives the same amount of armor reinforcement and shield reinforcement as the other masterworks when it should provide more. It literally states it adds more and that is its perk yet its the exact same as the rest but they provide other things like different forms of damage boosts or utility things like more ammo or clip size.
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Re: Colossus Masterwork Component Review

[ Edited ]
★★★ Apprentice

Excellent points and ideas here. I've noticed a large number of MW components seem like bad jokes. Like the devs came up with some bonus as a placeholder and then forgot to add the real MW perk. Ranger has some MW that increase melee damage, ( Avenger's Boon- a pulse blast adds 110%melee, and Cold Blooded, a freeze grenade increases melee by 135%; it's ludicrous)  the Ranger melee has a relatively long cooldown- certainly not fast enough to make anyone want to get all fired up about their 52.1% melee damage buff...


The fact that any bonus on a MW relies on any part of any javelin getting broken or failing is again like a really bad joke. 


The ability cooldowns on "E" and "Q" are usually counter-intuitive. If you're using E as a primer, and Q as a detonator, then it doesn't make much sense for Q to buff E. Then you have the opposite where every use of E buffs Q can often get lost in the time it takes you to get out of harms way or take advantage of positioning to use your detonator and then dang, your buff timer is out. 


I really hope the devs do some serious analysis of how their MW components lack synergy with the Javelins they are explicitly designed for. 


I also think that having 153 thousand possible bonuses for every roll on an Epic or MW makes for a huge waste of time, if nothing else. Why does a sniper rifle roll +shotgun damage and +autocannon reload speed?   And what is up with the whole "increase ________ by XX% and decrease ______ by -XX%"?  If it is going to increase gear damage by 35% and decrease gear recharge, it should be simply "Increase gear damage by 35% and slows recharge by 20%".   So you see Shield +10% recovery, but you also see "Shield -20% recovery". It looks like one will recover 10% faster, and the other will reduce recovery time by 20%" but I think they mean it should INCREASE recovery time if it has a negative marker.  It's just bizarre. 


Anyway OP, thanks for your review and observations. 

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Re: Colossus Masterwork Component Review

★★★★ Novice
I agree: on Ablative Shielding buggued no buff, on all +5% bonus (joke?) instead of 35% to be significative, more over on shield broken as we cannot do any thing with the shield and as slam is huge better than shield strike a colossus do not stand under shield, he put it vs dmg and instantly remove it so why searching a shield break on colossus only class without passive shield ?
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Re: Colossus Masterwork Component Review

★★★★ Newbie

i have question do you drop grand entrance because i play a lot  since 3 week aand i never drop it im start to be madd XD


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Re: Colossus Masterwork Component Review

★★★★ Apprentice

I finally got MW ablative shielding today.  It still needs some work... The special bonus it gives is 25% damage resistance for 5 seconds after shield break.  My issue with it is that it provides the same armor and shield reinforcement as the other components-- 10897/4328.  It is supposed to be a component that "Heavily reinforces the Colossus armor and shields."  The epic variation has more armor and shield reinforcement than the other colossus iconic components.


I would suggest that the values for MW Ablative Shielding should be somewhere between 15k-20k for armor and 8k-12k for the shield reinforcement.  

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Re: Colossus Masterwork Component Review

★★★★★ Novice

Having 3 items that require shield break is garbage when a shield break also stuns you.


As best I could tell, force breaking your shield by ramming a turret or large mob does not trigger the abilities either.


What constitutes a "Hard Landing" too? a simple jump and melee slam does not seem to trigger the explosion on landing (or its just pathetic). better to simply melee strike. I got more value from adding the MW that gives 50% jet cooldown bonus simply because it had a 40% melee damage value.


Items requiring ammo pickup are also pretty awful on the colossus as if you build around the signature weapon - an Autocannon, you often end up with a 500+ round mag therefore are not able to pick up ammo unless you have reloaded... thus no trigger to the ability.

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Re: Colossus Masterwork Component Review

★★★★★ Novice

MW Colossus components are worthless, your average epic component gives you 4 times the armor and shield bonus. I haven't run for my life this much since I first unlocked the brute

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Re: Colossus Masterwork Component Review

★★★★ Novice

Exactly! I just posted about that. My one colossus masterwork component I had before the latest update granted over 10,000 armor and several thousand shield can't remember how much but it was significant. Now the armor is less than 800 and shield less than 300. Combined with the worthless inscriptions we get with class specific components they have become quite useless. Was this done deliberately or is it a glitch? 

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