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Re: Burst Mortar is the worst Ordnance Launcher. Here is why:

by Aetrion

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Re: Burst Mortar is the worst Ordnance Launcher. Here is why:

★ Apprentice

So i got and tested a legendary version of titans hail today after previously being incredibly disappointed with the masterwork variant i had, and ended up with a +225% dmg +21% universal dmg inscription set.


My masterwork was doing a totally of maybe 3-5k per hit, and as is the normal with the burst mortar, it was so inaccurate that i couldnt even justify the damage output by adding the hits together since its so random.


Trying the NEW one, as well as all the components that boost ability/L1 ability damage, it hits between 21-26k per shell depending on the enemy and with component boosts activated it can hit for ~40k per shell. Solo gm2 may not be the best metric for power, but i find it can reliably hit a flying storm and cause shield breaks now at midrange if you catch them not moving.


Taking the same build into a gm2 tyrant mines bossfight to mess with it i could reliably land 88k hits on the swarm queens weakspots, landing usually 2 of them as weakspot hits minimum depending on the distance away, but up close and with good aiming, usually 3-4 would hit a weakspot.


I still dont think its the best build and id still rather take soylent/ralners/voltaic dome into freeplay farming runs for the sheer speed of a clear, but in any activity that i dont feel comfortable with a pure melee range build i can definitely see it being viable so long as you manage to find one with good inscriptions and build for it.


Note: I used a MW railgun and ralners blaze with mine, since the railgun can reliably kill trash enemies with a good +dmg roll and ralners lets you prime at range without slotting a primer ability.

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Re: Burst Mortar is the worst Ordnance Launcher. Here is why:

★★★★ Apprentice

Yea, but "It's ok in the second highest difficulty while doing 3 times normal damage" isn't exactly an endorsement for an ability.

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Re: Burst Mortar is the worst Ordnance Launcher. Here is why:

★ Apprentice

Hey im not calling it amazing, but it turned out to be more worth using than i expected after my first use. using best defense/soylent green/voltaic dome/firewall gets boring after a while, especially when a good 1/3 of the time i use firewall it just doesnt leave behind a fire pool.


Granted i dont have many abilities that rolled with decent +dmg mods on them yet, but its still refreshing to find a different way to play the javelin.

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