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Bioware and EA i have a few ideas

by Unikron69

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Bioware and EA i have a few ideas

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Not sure who I contact, But I had some good ideas about anthem. 


First of I must say I love this game, I can not get enough of it. I do hate seeing all the negative feed back on it and not alot of people are giving good feed back to make this even more successful then it is meant to be. I see Bioware taking what is handed to them as constructive feedback and coming back with a awesome resolution, I am hoping that my feed back would be at least considered and possibly implemented in the game. With that being said here are some ideas I have. 

So one thing to help customize the javelins would be allowing us to change the color of the eyes of the javelin, doing this would allow us to put our own little touch into the suits and make them look cool. Another item I would address is Elemental weapons, adding in or allowing some weapons to do added on elemental weapon damage would be awesome. examples would be a cloud burst gun that after so many rounds it adds fire to the target, or it chain links electricity between enemies close enough that are hit with the barrage of  bullets. Adding poison to the blades an interceptor can throw at its targets. Taking a sniper rifle and adding poison bullets to it would be great after two or three successful shots it applies a poison to the target. Those are just some ideas to add to the weapon variety. Now of course you may not want to add those to the masterworks already but you could apply them to some of the epic weapons. 

Another Idea was having at random times have a world boss for a certain area show up and after defeating him you get a special emblem to wear on your javelin or a special color to design your javelin with, with the possibility of obtaining a special weapon from the creature even. 

I am not sure if it is in the works yet but if there is a plan to work on a stronghold that you can have up to 8 javelins two teams work together to defeat a boss, the other team would be completely random so that like the slogan " Stronger together" but it takes all eight people to work together to defeat the level. Communication will be key, and you could even make the story line that since Anthem has the ability to divide up time lines you could make it so that the relic has caused a shift in the time and allows other dimensions blend into the story. So that two timelines meet up at one place to fight a boss. And those different time lines are other players consoles, the total submerge of a player making them feel as if they are truly the javelin. In real life they are playing anthem and someone else in the world is playing it as well but on a different time line but when the event happens these to time lines met because both players are online at the same time giving the effect of the relic bringing those two time lines together. 


I know that is a lot to read but I really want to see Anthem do well and I love what Bioware has done so far. Keep up the good work guys! We appreciate you! 



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Re: Bioware and EA i have a few ideas

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OK, so I have an idea....honestly, I would love to play a mission specifically for the Colossus in which you run guard duty for a caravan of Striders which, then gets ambushed by maybe Scars or Outlaws or whatever and you have to defend the caravan while its moving! It doesn't stop, instead the whole thing starts moving faster due to the current danger. How awesome would it be to have a bunch of Colossi flying in between moving Striders! I dunno, I think that would be a blast!

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