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Basic Colossus Approach to GM2

by Banfilidh

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Basic Colossus Approach to GM2

★★★★★ Guide

I’ve got a very simple Colossus build going that works quite well in GM2 without needing legendaries or all that much in the way of special equipment. I hesitate to even call it a build, so much as an approach. Thought I’d share in case others want a starting point for moving into GM2.


The basic idea is to stack combo damage. In Gm1, I ran around bashing things with my shield. That doesn’t work in gm2, so this was a new approach.

Required gear/components:


  • Solvent Green (masterwork acid spitter): this is here for the 200% combo perk. It isn’t that great an ability otherwise.

  • Catalytic Overdrive (masterwork combo augment component)

  • Epic combo augment component (these each give 50% combo damage)

  • Demolition Tribute (masterwork component that restores 20% armor on melee kill. This is your primary means of sustain)

How it works: prime enemies and melee to detonate. Kills with the combo explosion proc demolition tribute


Suggested Items:

  • Voltaic Dome (masterwork shock Coil…the primer, not the detonator) I don’t think this is necessarily required, but it will certainly make your life easier. This primes enemies in melee range and also freezes them, so they aren’t hurting you while you finish them off.

Weapons: you can use anything you like, but you want something that can deal some solid damage at range when you need to have that option. An autocannon is great for bosses and other major enemies, especially when solitary and you’d rather have a Ranger detonating. I also like having a weapon like Ralner’s Blaze (Fire) or Sentinel’s Vengeance (acid) that can prime enemies at range, personally.


Inscriptions to keep an eye out for include shield max, armor max, general javelin damage. Blast damage and combo damage (not impact combo) should also be decent.


Bear in mind this is in no way intended to be some Uber-build or anything, but this setup will allow to play GM2 content and farm gear to do other stuff, if that’s your preference. There’s a fair bit of room for growth, once you have bunches of legendaries, but I have no idea how this will scale into gm3, where using something like Best Defense May be a better option.



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Re: Basic Colossus Approach to GM2

★★★★ Novice

I run GM2 and have recently delved into GM3. My survivability in GM2 is pretty high, no issues unless I screw up.


I main Colossus and will run Yvenia Thunderbolt for the lightning damage to shields and Ralners to add fire to my combo arsenal. I chain combo between ice from Voltaic Dome + melee/BD (Best Defense) and the fire from Ralners + melee/BD. Having Demolitions Tribute helps with the +20% Armor recovery on melee strikes. With Best Defense in the mix my survivability is through the roof and I can detonate combos with it.


Sometimes I use BD in conjunction with Fire Wall mortar too. It works well as a detonator after priming with FW mortar. I will often open up encounters with FW mortar, then BD.  

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