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i can't connect to tib 15

by rasta2356

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Re: i can't connect to tib 15

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Hi there,


We actually did raise this issue up internally, which is why in my previous post I've given the official response to the concerns that have been raised.


I also want to clear up confusion surrounding which game forum does what. Answers HQ serves as a player support community, and while we do have some official game forums on this website, TA isn't one of those games; I think you might be referring to the fact that the official game forums might also have a community support section, but that is not the main purpose of those forums. So what you can find here on Answers HQ, is the community advising you on what to do regarding account & billing related questions. It is worth noting that for these types of problems you will often need to reach out to an Advisor so they can go over your account details with you.


But if you are looking for help with game or connection issues, then you can head on over to the official Tiberium Alliances forums which are handled by Envision Entertainment; they develop, support and conduct Live Operations for the game.


Sorry for any confusion caused. And to reassure you, if the issues that you've posted about here have also been posted on the official game forums, then the studio will look into that for you and other players.


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