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found new base

by Zobra74

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found new base

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I found a decent base layout on world Wrath 23, put a marker on it to reserve it, and then destroyed the Forgotten Base on 29 Oct 18 in order to claim/control the Base and the territory around it while I waited for my cash resources to build up to the point where I could found a new base.  This took until today, 31 Oct 18, so the Forgotten Base re-spawned as I expected, and I prepared to kill it again and drop my new base on that location.  Fortunately, I checked the Forgotten Base layout one more time and was very disappointed to see that the layout had completely changed to a typical garbage layout!!  On previous worlds I have played, the base layout in any location only changes after a player drops/founds a new base on it. Only then should the new layout be different from what it was.  Destroying a Forgotten Base, Camp or Outpost is not supposed to cause the base layout to change when the Forgotten Base, Camp, or Outpost re-spawns.  Or, have you changed the rules of the game????  The location in question is 352:183 on Wrath 23.  Can you fix this?  This is the 3rd major bug I have experienced (and reported) on this world and I am really tired of these problems. I am thinking of changing the base names in my 3 accounts to "Too Many Problems -1, -2, -3, -4", "Ready to Quit-1, -2, -3, -4", and "Color Me Gone -1, -2, -3".


-- Signed  "Ready to Quit!"  (and if I get to "Color Me Gone", I will be!)

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