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Display problems, NOD worse then GDI

by badorigins

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Display problems, NOD worse then GDI

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I've played GDI on many worlds without this problem.  I'm now playing NOD on 2 worlds, T12,and W14.  The NOD display windows overlap or don't display things properly.  I'm on Windows 7 using Chrome, both up to date.  My screen resolution is 1400x1050 (I have visual problems and I've found that this resolution works best for me in all my other applications).  In the base view I have to scroll the window up/down to see the menu at the top of the unit menu at the bottom properly.  ctrl+ and ctrl- change the nature of the problems.


The control buttons on the bottom will overlay the first row of enemy troops.  depending on how I try to adjust the size with ctrl-/+ different things will be covered and the menu at the top labels will be there or just part of them.  These problems seem to be worse on my NOD worlds then on my GDI worlds.


Also, The chat window does not scroll reliably and sometimes the last line of text will be partially or fully cut off as can be seen in the sample attached.


I also have performance problems.  After playing the game anywhere from a few minutes to over a day, the game will start consuming all the cpu time.  I usually run under 10% cpu utilization, but then I'll get a jump to 90% or higher.  Just exiting from the tab(s) and restarting the game will normally fix the problem.  I usually have one tab open on each of the games I'm active in.



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