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Re: Countdown Timers: A Discussion

by Romariofiffa

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Countdown Timers: A Discussion

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Good Morning ..


Since the last maintenance, i have lost the ability to see how much i need for my second base .. the counter suddenly vanished .. so now i cannot define when my next base will be Frown


Kindly help about this issue 


My account is [edit: email address removed]

My origin ID is : Lucky_louk1980 




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Re: Countdown Timers: A Discussion

Community Manager

@Lucky_Louk1980 Thanks for the post. Does the issue persist now? If you try a different browser do you have the same issue. 


It's been a little while, were you able to get your 2nd base?

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Re: Countdown Timers: A Discussion

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I have noticed that when a mission is ended the countdown timer is very short. If you died at the end of a mission there is no time to repair a teammate so he can grab his loot. I had this when i completed the stronghold Tyrant Mine. On top of that if you weren't able to grab your loot at the end of a mission your loot is just gone. Is a bit of a shame that you put in hard work and effort and you're not able to collect your loot. It would be much better that either your loot goes to your inventory like in Destiny or that the timer is greatly increased so that you're able to collect your loot, or that you need tot ready up like when you do to start a expeditition but then to end it. 



When you are playing with your friends it's a bit annoying that even if you still see them flying you get a big square on your screen that says you have 25 sec to get to mission zone.. you don't get the change to explore a bit or pick up some collectibles if 1 teammate is a little further.


I hope this will change in the near future.




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