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Bigotry On Wraith 2 Server

by jovialkobet

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Bigotry On Wraith 2 Server

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I'm having an issue with an abusive Alliance on the Wraith 2 Command and Conquer Tiberian alliance board. They have demanded that we change our name from Sector-1 to something with their Alliances initial. They are Rebel and Galactic Union. Since we have refused they have mounted an attack on our alliance for over a month now. We are losing players and are unable to progress. They (Rebel/Galactic Union say that the server is theirs to control and no one can progress to the final Medallion level without their permission. They have forced many other Alliances to bow to their will, their will being that you augment your Alliance name and surrender your command positions in your alliance to players from their alliance. We have been chased attacked, cussed at and my 6 year old daughter was solicited by this group. They are all massively leveled and all sit like toads on all the HUBs thus controlling the game completely. They have all finished the final medal stage and thus have nothing left to do on the server, it seems, but to serve as an self imposed oligarchy. Our alliance just wants to be left alone and have the chance to finish the games objective.


What can we do? All reporting of their cussing and abuse/bigotry as well as the solicitation of a minor have been met with nothing from EA support.


Any solution would be helpful.



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Re: Bigotry On Wraith 2 Server

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Go to the corner and be ashamed


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