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A New Chapter for Tiberium Alliances

by EA_David

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A New Chapter for Tiberium Alliances

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Community Manager

Hi, all the following announcement was made over on the main C&C: TA site, so we've mirrored it here for more visibility:

"Friends and Commanders,


We are proud to serve such a dedicated community, and are excited to write today with news of the next chapter in the life and history of Tiberium Alliances.


Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances is a fantastic game and it´s hard to find something like it out there. Over the past few years, the game has seen some great progression and features added to the game, but in recent weeks, while talking to our player community, we see many things that we could change and improve. In recent times, we just haven’t had the ability to fulfill and realize all of our and your ideas, but the good news is we’ve found a helping hand.


We are happy to announce that, starting today, Envision Entertainment will partner with Electronic Arts to develop, support and conduct live operations for Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances on EA’s behalf.  Who are these guys, you ask? Envision Entertainment is a studio founded in 2013 with the original creators of Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances forming the core of the team. So who else would be more suitable to develop the game further than them?


Electronic Arts will continue to provide billing and account services through its Origin™ service.   Envision Entertainment and Electronic Arts will work closely together to ensure a bright future for the game.



So what does this mean for you? We will have exciting updates coming to you very shortly, and going forward introduce a wide new range of fixes, features and more. This will happen with the least impact for you, and while we are not touching any of the existing parts you are already used to, like payment system, support and the terms of service, we will instead be hard working to build a great game.


There are sure to be many questions and we have answered some expected ones in the FAQ here. However, we will certainly be providing more information very soon and maintain our dialogue here going forward. But for now, please join us in celebrating this momentous event, and welcome the Envision Entertainment team that will guide Tiberium Alliances into the future with renewed dedication.


David Erhard


Command &Conquer  Tiberium Alliances Global Community Manager"


They also posted a transition FAQ, mirrored below: 

"C&C: TA Transition FAQ


In the wake of such exciting news, we know that there shall be numerous questions about this transition and what it means for Tiberium Alliances. Let’s explore the answers to some basic questions:

What does the transition to Envision Entertainment mean for Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances?

Electronic Arts and Envision Entertainment are working really hard to make sure that this transition is as smooth as possible. During April, you should already notice a new patch coming which is just the beginning. Going forward, we want to bring you exciting new changes, improved gameplay and fixes, and increased correspondence with the Tiberium Alliances community. We have a great bond with our community, and want to continue that going forward as we discuss features and the future development together with you, and make this a joint forces project.

Is Envision Entertainment an Electronic Arts studio?

Envision is a studio separate from EA. However, for purposes of Tiberium Alliances, Envision will be operating the game on EA’s behalf to continue its success.

Will there be a change in the payment system?

Nope! Players will continue to access Tiberium Alliances through their existing EA Origin™ accounts. There will be no interruption or change in the payment service.

What will happen to any information I’ve provided to Electronic Arts?

It stays where it is. Since Envision is operating Tiberium Alliances on EA’s behalf, all the information you provided and may provide in the future will continue to be managed according to EA’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Who will be the development team going forward?

Envision Entertainment has formed a dedicated team for Tiberium Alliances consisting of team members of the original Tiberium Alliances development team. The team is very passionate about this game, and is excited to get their hands back into it.

You can continue to expect a high level of dedication and commitment to Tiberium Alliances, as well as continued interaction with the player-base. You will see some new names, or possibly names you know quite well taking a role in the development of Tiberium Alliances going forward.

Will this transition alter the plans for Tiberium Alliances near term changes?

The mission of the Tiberium Alliances team will remain to improve the game, listen and respond to feedback, and to provide the best possible content to ensure a great game experience for our players. With increased bandwidth and resources, Envision will work toward modernizing some of the game’s features and bring in more players, both new and returning.

What does the transition to Envision Entertainment mean for me and is there any action required from myself?

Your role is simple – just keep playing! Enjoy a steady and improving game, new features, bug fixes, more discussions and community engagement.

Is Envision Entertainment excited to get back on the game they were originally involved in creating?

We are bouncing off the walls in excitement! :-)"




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